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- (this ain't no) drunk dial
- a song to remember
- broken heartland
- drinking song
- livin’ my best life
- preachin' to the choir
- smoke
- southernality
- bars & churches
- lonely drum
- the longer i live (avec Ryan Kinder)
- everybody talks to god
- folded flag
- everything i know about life
- i love new york
- love changes everything
- waitin' on the wonderful
- you can't hide beautiful
- a door
- always was
- big boy toys
- east bound and down
- for you i will
- god's not through with me yet
- i got it honest
- i wouldn't have it any other way
- i'll take love over money
- i'm leaving
- kiss this (N° 1)
- love like there's no tomorrow
- my blue angel
- people like us
- she feels like a brand new man tonight
- that's as close as i'll get to loving you (N° 1)
- that's what happens when i hold you
- there ain't nothin' wrong with the radio (N° 1)
- what this country needs
- where the stars and stripes and the eagle fly
- working man's PHD
- you've got to stand for something
- am i amarillo
- american soul
- be my girl
- best friend
- big love in a small town
- blame it on those baby blues
- blood brothers
- bluebonnets
- boots
- burn em down
- clear isabel
- country radio
- crash landing
- dancing around the truth
- dog tags
- el comienza del viaje / dark horse
- family tree
- freight train
- getaway truck
- heartstrings
- heck of a song
- higher ground
- home sweet home
- kiss that girl goodbye
- legends
- lips
- live or die trying
- long live cowboys
- never grow up (ft jolee kate watson)
- nothing on you
- old friend
- once in a life
- one of your nights
- out of my misery
- outta style
- riding with red
- run wild horses
- seven year ache (ft jenna paulette)
- silverado saturday night
- stay
- summertime girl
- take you home tonight
- texas lullaby
- that look
- that's gonna leave a mark
- that's why god loves cowboys
- these old boots have roots
- they don't make em like they used to
- to be the moon
- touchdown town
- trying like the devil
- unwanted man
- when i see you
- whisper my name
- ready for love
- just a phase
- reckon
- rockin' all night long
- (there's a) fire in the night
- all american
- american pride
- angels among us
- between the two of them
- born country
- come find me
- dixieland delight
- down home (N° 1)
- fallin’ again
- feels so right
- forever's as far as i'll go (N° 1)
- give me one more shot
- here we are
- high cotton
- hillbilly wins the lotto money
- homesick fever
- hometown honeymoon
- how do you fall in love
- if you're gonna play in texas (you gotta have a fiddle in the band)
- i'm in a hurry (and don't know why) (N° 1)
- i'm in the mood
- jukebox in my mind (N° 1)
- keepin' up
- lady down on love
- mountain music
- once upon a lifetime
- reckless (N° 1)
- richard petty fans
- roll on (eighteen wheeler)
- sad lookin' moon
- she ain't your ordinary girl
- sing me back home
- sometimes out of touch
- song of the south
- southern star (N° 1)
- still goin' strong
- sunday drive
- T.L.C. A.S.A.P.
- take a little trip
- tennesse river
- the cheap seats
- the closer you get
- then again
- there's no way
- wasn't through lovin' you yet
- we can't love like this anymore
- when we make love
- you can't take the country out of me
- (who says) you can't have it all
- 1976
- a good year for the roses
- a house with no curtains
- a man who never cries
- a woman's love
- after 17
- back
- beer 10
- between the devil and me
- big green eyes
- chasin' that neon rainbow
- chattahoochee (N° 1)
- country boy (N° 1)
- dallas (N° 1)
- dixie highway (duo avec Zac Brown Band)
- don't close your eyes
- don't rock the jukebox (N° 1)
- drive (for daddy gene) (N° 1)
- every now and then
- everything but the wings
- everything i love
- freight train
- gone before you met me
- gone country (N° 1)
- gone crazy
- good time (N° 1)
- hard hat and a hammer
- her life's a song
- here in the real world
- home
- i can be that something
- i don't even know your name (N° 1)
- i leave the light on
- i still like bologna
- i wish i could back up
- i'd love you all over again (N° 1)
- i'll go on loving you
- i'll try (N° 1)
- it must be love (N° 1)
- it's alright to be a redneck
- it's five o'clock somewhere (duo avec jimmy buffett) (N° 1)
- it's just that way
- jim and jack and hank
- laid back 'n low key
- little bitty (N° 1)
- little man
- livin' on love (N° 1)
- long way to go
- louisiana woman, mississippi man (avec Martina McBride)
- love's got a hold on you (N° 1)
- mercury blues
- mexico tequila and me
- midnight in montgomery
- monday morning church
- pop a top
- racing the dark
- remember when (N° 1)
- right on the money (N° 1)
- right where i want to
- ring of fire
- she don’t get high
- she's got the rhythm (and i got the blues) (N° 1)
- sissy's song
- small town southern man (N° 1)
- so you don't have to love me anymore
- someday (N° 1)
- summertime blues
- taillights blue
- talk is cheap
- tall tall trees (N° 1)
- tequila sunrise
- that'd be alright
- that's where i belong
- the boot
- the older i get
- there goes (N° 1)
- things that matter
- tonight i climbed the wall
- too much of a good thing
- USA today
- wanted
- way down in my whiskey
- when somebody loves you
- where have you gone
- where i come from (N° 1)
- where were you (when the world stopped turning) (N° 1)
- who's cheatin' who
- work in progress
- www.memory
- you go your way
- you'll always be my baby (written for daughters' weddings)
- it never rains in southern california
Allison MOORER
- i'm diggin' it
- goodbye is all we have
- if i didn't know any better
- missing you
- the lucky one
- when you say nothing at all
- send down an angel
- a man to me
- gone from love too long
- hearts open slowly
- it’s okay to cry
- life is a beautiful thing
- no more me and you
- pontiacs
- the art of letting go
- walk away
- gonna be you
- love is war
- some girl
- something to you
- wasn't gonna drink tonight
- i think you're beautiful
- i would cry
- let's try goodbye
- living together
- men don't change
- are you with me
- believe in me
- best thing
- summer back
- they keep loving you
- wanna make you love me
- honey i'm good
- i never had a chance
- if heaven
- i'll go crazy
- she thinks she needs me
- she's more
- what if it's me
- you made me that way
- you won't ever be lonely
- (i wanna hear) a cheatin' song
- daddy can you see me
- for crying out loud
- good times
- i could love a man like that
- what if i said (duo avec Steve Wariner) (N° 1)
- you with me
- forever country
- i still believe in that
- remembering
Ashley COOKE & Brett YOUNG
- never til now
- (i can’t get no) satisfaction
- a little dive bar in dahlonega
- american scandal
- bonfire at tina’s (feat caylee hammack …)
- first thing i reach for
- girl goin' nowhere
- hang in there girl
- home sweet highway
- learned to lie
- light on in the kitchen
- lindeville
- living next to leroy
- made for this
- martha divine
- never will
- one night standards
- radioland
- rockin’ with the rhythm of the rain
- sparrow
- when will i be loved
- i don't want to (avec Ronnie Dunn)
- satisfied
- weed instead of roses
- look it up
- sounds so good
- takin' off this pain
- this is america
- where country grows
- chattanooga choo choo
- choo choo boogie
- get your kicks on route 66
- hot rod lincoln
- way down texas way
- (wish i had a) heart of stone
- a fool such as i
- oh heart
- perfect
- read between the lines
- she deserves you
- the god's honest truth
- treat me like a stranger
- wilder days
- a little bit of honey
- bad attitude
- bad case of the one days
- better day
- cold heart
- didn't mean to break your heart
- falling for you
- i miss you
- life comes at you first
- little bit of luck
- thank you
- wasted time
- wear my ring (new version)
- closing this memory down
- rattlin' chains
Beccy COLE
- too strong to break
- patient heart
- after the storm
- all in the name of love
- bubba
- can i come home to you
- catahoula
- come back gene and roy
- cowboy beat
- desperadoes in love
- do you love as good as you look
- drug problem
- hard way to make an easy livin’
- heart of my heart
- i could be persuaded
- i need more of you
- jalapenos
- let your love flow
- let's roll america
- lord help me be the kind of person (my dog thinks i am)
- over the line
- redneck girl
- rip off the knob
- she's awesome
- some broken hearts
- the vertical expression (of horizontal desire)
- too late
- what'll i do
- you ain't just whistlin' dixie (duo avec Alan Jackson)
- bearing straight
- i could be persuaded
- i could use a hero
- i'm not missing you
- jagged edge of a broken heart
- only this love
- porushka-paranya
- tell me tonight
- the trouble with love
- what is it about you
- when going home
- you make lovin' you
- like a child (Live)
- 8th of november
- big time
- brand new buzz
- california
- cheat on you
- don't wake me up
- gravity
- holy water
- look at you
- lost in this moment (N° 1)
- lovin' lately
- party like cowboyz
- rollin' along
- run away with you
- save a horse (ride a cowboy)
- stay home
-that's why I pray
- wild west show
- cold outside
- faith
- love ain't easy
- you ain't lonely yet
- long after i'm gone
- tangled up in texas
Billy DEAN
- 23 degrees and south
- bring it on over
- city don’t
- details
- do i make you wanna
- don't
- don't it
- drinkin' town a football problem
- good directions
- hey girl
- i got a feelin'
- it don't hurt like it used to
- let me down easy
- like my dog
- love done gone
- must be doin' somethin' right
- one way ticket
- people are crazy
- perfect day
- pretty good at drinkin' beer (N° 1)
- tangled up
- that's how country boys roll (N° 1)
- until you
- wake me up
- walk a little straighter
- we are tonight
- why, why, why
- wingman
- a seed
- auburn bound
- billy the kid
- bourbon vacation
- cowboy band
- crazy beautiful
- if there hadn't been you
- i'm in love with you
- i'm not built that way
- in the name of love
- innocent bystander
- let them be little
- only here for a little while
- only the wind
- real man
- saturday night
- somewhere in my broken heart
- swingin' for the fence
- the greatest man that i never knew
- the rest of it’s mine
- this is the life
- you don't count the cost
- elisabeth
- everything and more
- gonna find love
- hey, little suzie (the cause of all that)
- oklahoma
- one voice
- southern star
Billy Joe ROYAL
- all i wanted was you
- crossing fences
- destination unknown
- i go crazy
- it just hurts a little
- one bad habit
- perfect night
- saved by a southern belle
- you call that a mountain
- you’re the ticket
- if the jukebox took teardrops
- a clean mind and dirty hands
- angelia
- brand new me
- didn't have you
- everything she needs
- my own worst enemy
- no yesterday
- rain through the roof
- savin’ it up for saturday night
Billy Ray CYRUS
Billy SWAN
- 99 single wide
- achy breaky heart (N° 1)
- always sixteen
- back to memphis
- bact to tennessee
- brown-eyed girl
- burn down a trailer park
- busy man
- chevys & fords (avec Johnny McGuire)
- could'v been me
- crazy 'bout you baby
- don't give up on me
- face of god
- flying by
- give my heart to you
- guns gold and guitars
- harper valley P.T.A.
- hey elvis
- his shoes
- how's my world treatin' you
- i am here now
- i am … i said
- i can't live without your love
- i’m so miserable
- in the heart of a woman
- it won't be the last
- it's all the same to me
- like a country song
- missing you
- never thought i'd fall in love with you
- nineteen
- only time will tell
- ready, set don't go
- ready, set don't go (duo avec Miley Cyrus)
- right face wrong time
- runway lights
- she always goes
- she's not cryin' anymore
- shot full of love
- should i stay
- sing me back home
- some gave all
- somebody new
- somebody said a prayer
- someday, somewhere, somehow
- southern rain
- stand
- storm in the heartland
- talk some
- tenntucky
- the buffalo
- these boots are made for walkin'
- three little words
- time for letting go
- touchy subject
- trail of tears
- truth is i lied
- under the hood
- wanna be your joe
- wher'm i gonna live
- words by heart
- you won't be lonely now
- you've got a friend
- i can help
- a little hitch
- flowers
- i smell smoke
- when the walls come tumblin' down
- learning the game
- best seat in the house
- pretty little lie
- get some
- a kiss is worth a thousand words
- almost a memory now
- any man with a heartache
- baby the rain must fall
- bad love gone good
- between ragged and wrong
- big guitar
- blue highway
- breathe the night
- brighter
- brothers of the southland
- days of america
- don’t put yourself down
- down in flames
- every once in a while
- goodbye says it all
- heart with a view
- heartache and a half
- heavy hand
- hole in my heart
- i need you all the time
- i sure can smell the rain
- i will
- i'm not strong enough to say no
- king of the world
- like there ain't no yesterday
- love like this
- not by chance
- one more heartache
- postmarked birmingham
- that's just about right
- that's what i'm talkin' about
- there you have it
- where the wild roses grow
- wichita
- your own little corner of my heart
- how do you get that lonely
- i don't know what she said
- if merle would sing my song
- in my high school
- i've been in mexico
- leavin'
- off to join the world
- spoken like a man
- teaching me how to love you
- that's all i've got to say about that
- that's just me
- the best man
- the man he'll never be
- yessireebob
- amnesia
- another perfect day
- confederate rose
- don't apologize for who you are
- i'll live to love again
- if guitars were guns
- my only claim to fame
- saving my love
- shut up heart
- straight to you
- the wish
- there is no end
- why why why
Blake WISE
- a girl
- a guy with a girl
- all about tonight (N° 1)
- all over me
- america the beautiful (avec Miranda Lambert)
- anyone else
- at the house
- austin (N° 1)
- bible verses
- body langage
- bringing back the sunshine
- came here to forget
- come back as a country boy
- corn
- do you remember
-doin' what she likes
- doing it to country songs
- don't make me
- drink on it
- every goodbye
- every time i hear that song
- every which way but loose
- friends
- god gave me you
- god's country
- gonna
- good country song
- goodbye time
- green
- happy anywhere (avec Gwen Stefani)
- heavy liftin'
- hell right (avec Trace Adkins)
- hillbilly bone (avec Trace Adkins) (N° 1)
- home (N° 1)
- honey bee
- i lived it
- i need my girl
- i'll just hold on
- i'll name the dogs
- jesus got a tight grip
- lonely tonight (avec Ashley Monroe)
- makin’ it up as you go
- mine would be you
- monday mornin’ missin’ you
- my eyes
- neon light
- no body
- nobody but me
- now i don’t
- ol' red
- over
- red river blue
- sangria
- savior's shadow
- she wouldn't be gone (N° 1)
- she's got a way with words
- small town big time
- some beach (N° 1)
- sure be cool if you did
- ten times crazier
- tequila sheila
- the baby (N° 1)
- the king is gone (so are you)
- the more i drink
- turnin' me on
- we can reach the stars
- who are you when i'm not looking
- can't live without
- cornfields
- i've got this feeling
- firecrackers and ferris wheels
- good little girls
- nothin' but cowboy boots
- that summer song
- that's cool
- all that love has worn away
- almost saturday night
- bayou girl
- cry behind the wheel
- everyday i have to cry
- hard liquor, cold women, warm beer
- i want you
- if it's really got to be this way
- i'm losing you
- out of the blue
- perfect world
- remember to forget
- river’s edge
- that was thern
- don't ask me how i know
- past coming back
- somebody wills
- 19 and crazy
- ain't my day to care
- fight like a girl
- halleluy'all
- just fine
- power of one
6 (you want to) make a memory
- do what you can (avec Jennifer Nettles)
- lost highway
- the last night
- we got it going on
- who says you can't go home (avec Jennifer Nettles)
- whole lot of leavin'
- a cowboy's born with a broken heart
- bigger fish to fry
- born that way
- love the one you're with
- my life's work
- she'd give anything
- they don't make them like that anymore
- true to his word
- can't tell me nothin'
- god's fingerprints
- i meant to
- i'm the one
- we lose
- an angel in a cowboy hat
- morning rain
- west texas girl
- before i knew better
- one of those days
- rub me the right way
- 4wp
- a man don't have to die
- alcohol
- alive right now
- american saturday night (N° 2)
- anything like me (N° 1)
- be the lake
- beat this summer
- bucked off
- camouflage
- celebrity
- city of music
- collision of worlds
- country nation
- crushin' it
- don’t breathe
- don't drink the water
- drive of shame (avec mick jagger)
- dying to see her (avec bill anderson)
- eastwood
- go to bed early
- hard to be a husband, hard to be a wife (duo avec Chely Wright)
- he didn't have to be (N° 1)
- heaven south
- i can't change the world
- i do now
- i wish you'd stay
- i’ll take you back
- i'm gonna miss her (N° 1)
- i'm still a guy (N° 1)
- i wish you'd stay
- last time for everything
- letter to me (N° 1)
- little moments
- long sermon
- love her like she's leavin'
- love is never ending
- me neither
- moonshine in the trunk
- mud on the tires (N° 1)
- munster rag (instrumental)
- my miracle
- new favorite memory
- brad paisley – no i in beer
- nobody's fool
- off road
- old alabama
- one beer can
- one of those lives
- online (N° 1)
- out in the parkin’ lot (avec Alan Jackson)
- perfect storm
- remind me (avec Carrie Underwood) (N° 1)
- river bank
- same here
- selfie#theinternetisforever
- shattered glass
- she's everything (N° 1)
- so many summers
- son of the mountains
- Southern Comfort Zone
- start a band (avec Keith Urban) (N° 1)
- the devil is alive and well
- the medecine will
- the mona lisa
- the nervous breakdown
- the old rugged cross
- the world (N° 1)
- then (N° 1)
- this is country music
- throttleneck
- ticks (N° 1)
- today
- toothbrush
- two people fell in love
- waitin' on a woman (N° 1)
- water (N° 1)
- we danced (N° 1)
- welcome to the future (N° 2)
- when i get where i'm going (avec dolly parton) (N° 1)
- whiskey lullaby (avec alison krauss)
- who needs pictures
- without a fight
- working on a tan
- wrapped around
- you need a man around here
- i make a difference
- strictly business
Bradley GASKIN
- diamonds make babies
- mr. bartender
- another you another me
- been there drunk that
- country as a boy can be
- i fell
- i get high lovin' you
- natural born lovers
- still standing tall
- summer night lovin' you
- the best is yet to come
- whole lotta hurt
- dying day
Brandon LAY
Brandon RAY
Brandy CLARK
- for my money
- speakers bleachers and preachers
- yada yada yada
- ends of the earth
- that could be us
- can we be strangers
- girl next door
- i’ll be the sad song
- love can go to hell
- northwest
- remember me beautiful
- stripes
- who you thought i was
Brantley GILBERT
Brent LAMB
- bad boy
- bottoms up
- country must be country wide
- fire't up
- gone but not forgotten
- hard days
- heaven by then (avec Blake Shelton & Vince Gill)
- how to talk to girls
- kick it in the sticks
- man that hung the moon
- not like us
- one hell of an amen
- small town throwdown (avec Justin Moore & Thomas Rhett)
- stone cold sober
- the ones that like me
- the worst country song of all time
- what happens in a small town
- you don't know her like i do
- amy's song
- dixie's bar & grill
- from the cradle to the grave
- god made you (with me in mind)
- love lives on
- no excuses no regrets
- real life love
- smoke & mirrors
- squares
- the wall came tumblin' down
- true love
- wolves
- adios old friend
- beat of the music
- don't ya
- go on without me
- good day
- hideaway
- it ain't gotta be love
- love someone
- mean to me- raymond
- somethin' i'm good at
- the long way
- wait up for me
- wanna be that song
- want that back
-chasin' amy
- dark side of the moon
- if i could see love
- many tears ago
- wake up and smell the whiskey
- 1, 2, 3 mississippi
- beautiful believer
- catch
- change your name
- dance with you
- dear me
- here tonight
- ILY (family)
- in case you didn't know
- lady
- leave me alone
- left side of leavin'
- like i loved you
- memory won't let me
- not yet
- olivia mae
- sleep without you
- the ship and the bottle
- this
- ticket to LA
- brett young – used to missin’ you
- weekends look a little different these days
- you ain't here to kiss me
- you didn’t
- you got away with it
Brice LONG
- 99.9% sure (i've never been here before)
- addicted to you
- all comes floodin' down
- back up again
- good, good lovin'
- i could never love you enough
- i’ll believe it when i see it
- it’ll be alright
- let love lead the way
- night disappear with you
- off my mind
- that won’t ever change
- the middle of nowhere
- too far gone
- wake up little susie
- you’d have never said goodbye
- you're in my head
- anywhere but here
- it's only monday
- lonely girl
Brooke EDEN
- act like you don't
- daddy's money
- no shade
- a man this lonely (N° 1)
- against the wind
- ain't nothing 'bout you (N° 1)
- ain' nothing about you (avec brett young)
- beer thirty
- believe
- believe (avec kane brown)
- best of my love
- boot scootin' boogie (N° 1)
- boot scootin' boogie (avec midland)
- brand new man (N° 1)
- brand new man (avec luke combs)
- building bridges
- cowgirls don't cry (N° 2)
- days of thunder
- every river
- god must be busy
- goin' under gettin' over you
- hard workin' man
- hard workin' man (avec brothers osborne)
- he's got you
- hillbilly deluxe
- honky tonk stomp
- honky stomp truth
- honky tonk women
- how long gone (N° 1)
- husbands and wives (N° 1)
- i can't get over you
- i'll never forgive my heart
- indian summer
- it's getting better all the time (N° 1)
- little miss honky tonk (N° 1)
- lost and found
- lost and found (avec tyler booth)
- mama don't get dressed up for nothing
- mama don't get dressed up for nothing (avec Lanco)
- missing you
- my heart is lost to you
- my maria (N° 1)
- my maria (avec thomas rhett)
- my next broken heart (N° 1)
- my next broken heart (avec jon pardi)
- neon moon (N° 1)
- only in america (N° 1)
- play something country (N° 1)
- proud of the house we built
- put a girl in it
- red dirt road (N° 1)
- red dirt road (avec cody johnson)
- ride 'em high, ride 'em low
- rock my world (little country girl)
- she used to be mine (N° 1)
- she's not the cheatin' kind (N° 1)
- south of santa fe
- steady as she goes
- still in love with me
- that ain't no way to go (N° 1)
- that's what it's all about
- that's what she gets for loving me
- the long goodbye (N° 1)
- we'll burn that bridge
- what it's come down to
- whiskey under the bridge
- why would i say goodbye
- you can't take the honky tonk out of the girl
- you'll always be loved by me
- you're gonna miss me when i'm gone (N° 1)
- you're gonna miss me when i'm gone (avec ashley mcbryde)
- eagle over angel
- ever-changing woman
- four-leaf clover
- hot water
- inside outside
- let go
- playin' house
- watch your step
- were you really livin'
- what goes around
- summer's little angel
- 21 summer
- i don't remember me (before you)
- i’m not for everyone
- it ain't my fault
- shoot me straight
- stay a little longer
- younger me
- desperately
- angry all the time
- (she'll never let) texas twist-her
- bad day to let you go
- god gave me you
- how long
- i'm not supposed to love you anymore
- look at me now
- love is the right place
- one small miracle
- sittin' on go (N° 1)
- so much for pretending (N° 1)
- someone else's star (N° 1)
- that's another song
- the little things
- tree of hearts
- you're still beautiful to me
- a different world
- a father's love (the only he knew how)
- Drinking Side Of Country (avec Shooter Jennings)
- gotta be somebody
- i feel ya
- i wanna be that feeling
- i want my life back
- i'll walk
- i'm alright tonight
- it's good to be us
- mexicoma
- abilene on her mind
- help pour out the rain
- if she were any other woman
- one step at a time
- somebody who would die for you
- sweet southern comfort
- the southern side of heaven
- this ain't mexico
- i wouldn't know
- live to love again
- love worth fighting for
- nice work (if you can get it)
- say yes
- some hearts (get all the breaks)
- the only way i know
- how long is long enough
- crushin'
- more than corn
- sweet suzanne
- Back To Life
- address in the stars
- Even Now
- i like where this is going
- take you back
Canaan SMITH
- burning house
- diane
- forgetting you
- mayday
- my mistake
- road to happiness
- till there’s nothing left
- untamed
- beer drinkin' weather
- hole in a bottle
- like you that way
- love you like that
- we got us
- burn the bed
Carlene CARTER
- change
- come on back
- every little thing
- go wild
- he will be mine
- heart is right
- hurricane
- i fell in love
- little acts of treason
- loose talk (avec carl smith)
- love like this
- one love
- the lucky ones
- the sweetest thing
- you'll be the one
- country music made me do it
- drop everything
- keep abilene beautiful
- 29
- cowboy take me away
- dear miss loretta
- eighteen wheels and a dozen roses
- every little thing
- heels over head
- hide the wine
- i hope you're happy now (avec Lee Brice)
- liability
- never wanted to be that girl (avec Ashley McBryde)
- next girl
- should’ve known better
- show me around
- what he didn’t do
Carolyn Dawn JOHNSON
- american radio
- dealin'
- get outta my way
- i ain't scared
- isn't she
- let's get it on
- weight of the world
- complicated
- die of a broken heart
- georgia
- got a good day
- i don't want you to go
- love & negociation
- simple life
- taking back my brave
- all american girl (N° 1)
- amazing grace
- before he cheats (N° 1)
- blown away (N° 1)
- change
- church bells
- cowboy casanova (N° 1)
- crazy angels
- cry pretty
- dirty laundry
- don't forget to remember me
- drinking alone
- ghost story
- good girl
- hate my heart
- heartbeat
- how great thou art
- i told you so (N° 2)
- jesus, take the wheel (N° 1)
- just a dream (N° 1)
- last name (N° 1)
- little toy guns
- love wins
- mama's song
- only us
- out of that truck
- see you again
- she don’t know
- smoke break
- so small (N° 1)
- something in the water
- songs like this
- southbound
- temporary home (N° 1)
- two black cadillacs
- undo it (N° 1)
- wasted (N° 1)
Caryl Mack PARKER
- a little less comfortable
- different breed
- young love
- it's good to be me
- one night stand
- crying on a suitcase
- drive
- fall apart
- let's don't call it a night
- love the way you miss me
- the good life
Cassadee POPE
Catherine BRITT
- champagne
- easier to lie
- good times
- i am invicible
- i wish i could break your heart
- if my heart had a heart
- one more red light
- rise and shine
- summer
- take you home
- wasting all these tears
- what the stars see
- swingin’ door
- what i did last night
- all or nothing
- family tree
- just friends
- lord i hope this day is good (avec Alan Jackson)
- small town hypocrite
- all my dreams
- a man's gotta do
- evangeline
- lightning does the work
- ordinary life
- tell me how
- that changed me
- that was us
- the visit
- yes! (N° 1)
- you are
- just because she lives there
- lonesome road
- someone else's turn to cry
- what i tell myself
Charles KELLEY
Charlie CHASE
- authority song
- baby i’m gone
- blame it on the rain
- bordertown whiskey
- college
- cowboy’s girl
- fastest gun in town
- hideaway
- i don’t mind
- it ain’t you
- land of the buffalo
- let it go
- look good leavin’
- meet me in montana
- more than most
- on the tear tonight
- one of these days
- one more for the road
- outlaws
- paycheck down
- the saint
- the world needs more cowboys
- tin roof
- tonight we’re drinkin’
- wyoming wind
- as far as you could
- the driver
- out of her own (avec garth brooks & doug stone)
Charlie RICH
- could it be me
- little folks
- simple man
- talk to me fiddle
- behind closed doors
- on my knees (avec Janie Fricke)
- rollin’ with the flow
- the most beautiful girl
- could it be
- half drunk
Chase RICE
- in your eyes
- oh, lonesome me (avec Ray Conniff)
- paradise avenue
- radio heart
- who's cheatin' who
- hell if i know
- little bit of you
- room to breathe
- take it on back
- amen
- bench seat
- drinkin’ beer talkin’ god amen
- eyes on you
- forever to go
- i hate cowboys
- lonely if you are
- love me like you don't
- oklahoma (avec read southall band)
- ready set roll
- way down yonder

- back of the bottom drawer
- c'est la vie (you never can tell)
- i already do
- it was
- jezebel
- just another heartache
- never love you enough
- sea of cowboy hats
- she went out for cigarettes
- shut up and drive
- single white female (N° 1)
- the love that we lost
- what about your heart
- poor boy blues

- anywhere but here
- chicks dig it
- country by the grace of god
- dance baby dance
- got my country on
- i breathe in, i breathe out (N° 1)
- i'd be lying
- laredo
- let there be cowgirls
- miss me baby
- my love goes on & on
- never ever gone
- no love songs
- probably just time
- wal-mart parking lot
- what a beautiful day
- what kinda gone
- what if i was willing
- Rearview
- almost always
- i waited
- little sister's blue jeans
- somewhere inside
- the kind of heart that breaks
- 'til i see you again
- what about me
- 21 forever (avec dolly parton, slash)
- all in
- all i need is you
- better i don't
- buy me a boat
- bye mom
- country USA
- cut me some slack
- dirt in my life
- done
- drunk girl
- every day of the week (avec darius rucker)
- everybody
- fix a drink
- G.O.A.T.
- good vibes
- hawaii on me
- holdin' her
- keys to the country
- mine does
- name on it
- power of a positive drinkin'
- redneck life
- say about me
- tap that
- til a woman comes along
- too far gone
- waitin' on 5
- we did it anyway
- you me & the river
- framed
- something changed
Chris LANE
- dancin’ in the moonlight
- for her
- let me love you
- bang a drum (duo avec Jon Bon Jovi)
- horsepower
- one tonight
- stampede
- tougher than the rest
- whatcha gonna do with a cowboy (duo avec Garth Brooks)
- when i say forever
- broken halos
- fire away
- nobody to blame
- parachute
- traveller
- what are you listening to
- white horse
Chris WARD
- fall reaching
- it all started with a lie
- love me to death
- love will do that
- mary ann is a pistol
- only god could stop me loving you
- when you get to be you

- all dogs go to heaven
- alone tonight
- at the end of the bar
- aw naw
- break like you do
- drowning
- everybody needs a song (avec old dominion)
- famous friends (avec Kane Brown)
- flashlight
- forgiveness
- gettin' you home (the black dress song) (N° 1)
- goodbye
- hangin' on
- hold you to it
- holiday
- i can take it from there
- i'm comin' over
- if that ain’t god
- it takes a man
- lighters in the air
- lonely eyes
- looking for you
- losing sleep
- lost
- neon
- nothin' but the cooler left
- old love feels now
- one of them nights
- radio and the rain
- rainy night in georgia
- raised on country
- rescue me
- rose in paradise (avec Willie Nelson)
- save water, drink beer
- she's got a way
- she's got this thing about her
- sober saturday night
- text me texas
- that makes me
- the dashboard
- the man i want to be (N° 1)
- the shoebox
- think about you (avec cassadee pope)
- tomorrow
- town ain't big enough
- twenty-one candles
- voices
- we're gonna find it tonight
- when she's on
- where i go when i drink
- who i am with you
- who i go when i drink
- who i am with you
- who's gonna take me home
- woke up like this
- you
- you're gonna love me
- young love & saturday nights
Christian KANE
- let me go
- freedom
- all i ever wanted
- hold that thought
- man of the house
- old school
- stealing cinderella
- what if you stay
6 dancing in the rain
- homerun
- how many kings
- over here
- take you anywhere
- american girls
Claudia CHURCH
- home in my heart (north carolina)
- i don't fall in love so easy
- it's all your fault
- the streets of nashville
- this man i love
- what's the matter with you baby
- i can't lie to me
- makin hay
- sometimes
- unconditional

- a few questions
- bury the shovel
- change
- dreaming with my eyes open (N° 1)
- easy goin’
- fall
- fore she was mama
- how to make a man lonesome
- i can't sleep
- i don't know how love starts
- i just wanna hold you
- if i could make a living (N° 1)
- if you ever feel like lovin' me again
- jesse james
- like we never said goodbye
- live until i die (N° 1)
- live, laugh, love
- makes me want to stay
- money can't buy (the love we had)
- my heart will never know
- need a bar sometimes
- next step in love
- once in a lifetime love
- one, two, i love you
- only on days that end in Y
- right now
- rumor has it (N° 1)
- say no more
- she gets what she wants
- she likes it in the morning
- she won't be lonely long (N° 4)
- texas to tennessee
- the chain of love
- the silence speaks for itself
- then what
- things i should have said
- thinking out loud
- this woman and this man (N° 1)
- watch this
- what's it to you (N° 1)
- where do i fit in the picture
- where do i go from you
- white palace
- who needs you baby
- working on me
- wrong enough to know
- you look good
- you're beginning to get to me

- a bad goodbye (avec Wynonna)
- a beautiful day
- a better man
- a change in the air
- a good run of bad luck (N° 1)
- america (still in love with you)
- back to back
- been there (avec Steve Wariner)
- beer
- breathing air
- burn one down
- cadillac jack favor
- calling it news
- code of the west
- desperado
- doing it now for love
- drinkin' songs and other logic
- easy for me to say
- everybody’s talkin’
- half the man
- half way up
- happiness alone
- heartaches
- hell bent
- hey hot rod
- hold on partners (avec Roy Rogers)
- i can get by
- i'll be gone
- i'll take texas
- killin' time
- life gets away
- like the rain (N° 1)
- long cool woman
- love she can't live without
- loving blind (N° 1)
- money or love
- my best thinkin’
- my imagination
- no time to kill
- nobody's home (N° 1)
- nothin' but the taillights (N° 1)
- nothing's news
- one emotion
- one more payment
- only one way to live
- put yourself in my shoes
- rainbow in the rain
- samantha
- she won't let go
- something that we do
- spend my time
- state of mind
- still holding on (avec Martina McBride)
- straight from the factory
- summer's comin' (N° 1)
- the boogie man
- the shoes you're wearing (N° 1)
- the strong one
- thinkin' again
- this old house
- til the end of time (avec Lisa Hartman Black)
- time for that
- tuckered out
- untanglin' my mind
- walkin' away (N° 1)
- we tell ourselves
- when i said i do (avec Lisa Hartman Black) (N° 1)
- when my ship comes in (N° 1)
- where are you now (N° 1)
- wherever you go
- winding down
- you don't need me now
- you walked by
- you're gonna leave me again
- a fool's progress
- the letter (almost home)
- when i grow up
- bring on the love
- girl next door
- i got more
- a dozen roses and a six pack
- ain't worth the whiskey
- all nighter
- break up in the end
- chillin' it
- dad's old number
- down to the bar
- drinkaby
- drinkin' hours
- flatliner (avec dierks bentley)
- hey yall
- hope you get lonely tonight
- i’m gonna let her
- let me see ya girl
- love you too late
- middle of a memory
- never say never (avec lainey wilson)
- no one rocks mine
- she had me at heads carolina
- she had me at heads carolina (avec jo dee messina)
- single saturday night
- some habits
- stereotype
- the ones who got me here
- you should be here
Collen Michelle MILLER
Collin RAYE
- grow young with you
- who i am to you
- addicted to you
- amarillo rain

- a soldier's prayer
- all i can be (is a sweet memory)
- anyone else
- bad storm coming tonight
- chasing renee
- couldn't last a moment
- every second
- i can still feel you (N° 1)
- i know that's right
- i think about you
- i want you bad (and that ain't good)
- if i were you
- in this life (N° 1)
- let it be
- little red rodeo
- little rock
- love, me (N° 1)
- love remains
- man of my word
- mid-life chrysler
- my kind of girl (N° 1)
- not that different
- on the verge
- one boy, one girl
- quitters
- rock n roll bone
- she's all that
- somebody's else's moon
- someone you used to know
- start over georgia
- that was a river
- that's my story
- tired of loving this way (avec Bobbie Eakes)
- what if jesus comes back like that
- what the heart wants
- what they don’t know
- you still take me there
Conner SMITH
- i won't go on and on

- cowboy cadillac
- daddy never was the cadillac kind
- jesus and mama
- keep on rockin'
- long gone
- queen of memphis
- she never tried
- she took it like a man
- the one you love the most
- time off for bad behavior
- trashy woman
- when you leave that way you can never go back
- creek will rise
- why i can’t leave
- she's my salvation
- maybe next year
- hillbilly nation
- miss difficult
- nobody ever died of a broken heart
- thougher than a man
Craig Wayne BOYD
- it’s about time
- keep them kisses comin'
- my baby's daddy
- outskirts of heaven
- outta my head
- see you try
- that's why god made a front porch
- tomorrow tonight
- tractor songs
- when i get it
- when she grows up

- ain't the way i wanna go out
- almost home
- bonfire
- corn star
- country boys like me
- every friday afternoon
- god must really love me
- god, family and country
- i got you
- i want us back
-i'll be home soon
- i'm country
- international harvester
- little bit of life
- look at us
- love remembers
- more trucks than cars
- redneck yacht club
- something to write home about
- still a little chicken left on that bone
- that's what i love about sunday (N° 1)
- that's when i'll believe that you're gone
- the whole world needs a kitchen
- this ain't nothin'
- this ole boy
- tough
- wake up lovin' you
- when i'm gone
- my baby's got a smile on her face
- 17
- fightin' for
- sick and tired
- this time around
- guitar slinger
- make you mine
Crystal GAYLE
Curtis DAY

- have you forgotten what love is
- state of mind
- you're gonna miss a whole lotta love
- if you ever change your mind
- livin' in these troubled times
- too many lovers

- i can do it in my sleep
- instead of losing you
- living well beyond my beans
- my baby's cookin'
- pull the woll over my heart
- rock the boat
- the truth is hard to swallow
Dallas SMITH
- i always liked that best
- what i really meant to say (N° 1)
- honk if you love to honky tonk
- a girl like you
- drop
- if it gets you where you wanna go
i'm already gone
- make em like you
- never saw goodbye
- one drink ago(avec terri clark)
one little kiss
- sky stays this blue
- slow rollin'
- stone cold killers
- tab with my name on it
- the song that's in my head
- this town ain't a town
- what kinda love
- wrong about that
- 19 you + me
- all to myself
- close your eyes
- first time feeling
- from the ground up
- how not to
- i heard goodbye
- nothing like you
- parking brake
- party girl
- show you off
- tequila
- what you do to me
- when i pry for you
- quarry town
- the likes of us
- let's go there
- go down easy
- high country snows
- mountain pass
- sutter's mill

- a good place to be
- a good rain
- a rose from another garden
- addicted
- all fired up
- angel eyes
- big wheels in the moonlight
- bop
- bordertown
- call me up
- candle in the rain
- don't believe i'd fall in love again
- everything that glitters (is not gold)
- factory town
- god must be a cowboy
- good times (N° 1)
- headin' west
- i won't be blue anymore
- i'd really love to see you tonight
- in san antone
- jayney
- love is the answer
- love on arrival (N° 1)
- love thing
- lullaby (duo avec Emmylou Harris)
- mason dixon line
- maybe that's why
- meet me in montana (duo avec Marie Osmond)
- my baby's got good timing
- my old yellow car
- nights are forever without you
- on the frontline
- one friend
- she thinks i still care
- slower
- someone else's dance
- still reelin' (from those rock 'n' roll days)
- sweet little shoe
- the healing kind
- the wire
- they rage on
- those
- three time loser
- twenty-four hour love
- water under the bridge
- we are one
- when love comes around the bend
- wood
- you plant your fields
- you still move me
Danielle PECK
- endless summer
- goodbye summer (avec thomas rhett)
- i will never forget you
- never like this
- shallow (avec parker mccollum)
- sway
- the heart of dixie
- young in america
- bad for me
- findin' a good man
- i don't
- isn't that everything
- 29 nights
- beatin' my head against the wall
- honey i do
- i don't feel that way anymore
- if the jukebox took teardrops
- last train to san antone
- longnecks cigarettes
- mixed up mess of a heart
- ol' lonesome
- i will not say goodbye
- it's only
- like that's a bad thing
- my best days are ahead of me
- second hand heart

- all i want
- alright (N° 1)
- anything is possible
- baby i'm right
- be wary of a woman
- bring it on
- come back song (N° 1)
- don't think i don't think about it (N° 1)
- don't
- for the first time
- forever road
- hands on me
- heartbreak road
- history in the making (N° 3)
- homegrown honey
- i don't care (avec brad paisley)
- i got nothin'
- i will love you still (avec Mallary Hope)
- if i had wings
- in a big way
- if i told you
- it won't be like this for long (N° 1)
- learn to live
- lie to me
- life's too short
- lost in you
- love will do that
- love without you (avec Sheryl Crow)
- might get lucky
- miss you
- perfect
- radio
- she
- she's beautiful
- shine
- so i sang
- southern state of mind
- southern style
- story to tell
- straight to hell
- the craziest thing
- things i'd never do
- this
- true believers
- twenty something
- wagon wheel
- we all fall down
- while i still got the time
- whiskey and you
- you me and my guitar
- a little bigger piece of american pie
- bad dog, no biscuit
- between the stones and jones
- break the radio
- cowboys don't cry
- honky tonk heartache of the year
- i can' strike that match
- i was losing you
- if i ever love again
- if it wasn't for her i wouldn't have you
- j.t. miller's farm
- little boy lost
- my friday girl
- phantom of the opry
- phonographic memory
- ready willing and able
- that's life
- when mama cried
- you could've heard a heartache
David Allan COE

- a good day to run
- awful beautiful life (N° 1)
- best of both worlds
- do something good
- family tree
- have you forgotten (N° 1)
- honky tonk life
- i just came back (from a war)
- i miss my friend (N° 1)
- i need a breather
- i will hold my ground
- if something should happen
- it's good to be me
- keep the change
- living in the here and now
- lonely alone
- messed up in memphis
- nothin' but a love thang
- rainmaker
- second wind
- sideways
- sounds like life to me
- tennessee river run
- tequila on ice
- when you need my love
- you still got it
- amen kind of love
- even the wind
- i knew i loved you
- i'd love to lay you down
- love you with the lights on
- rockin' in the country
- take me home country roads
- that's where you're wrong
- that's why god made me
- get a little dirt on your hands (duo avec Bill Anderson)
David BALL
- happy with the one i've got
- i want to with you
- i'll never make it through this fall
- louisiana melody
- riding with private malone
- she always talked about mexico
- thinkin' problem
- too much blood in my alcohol level
- watching my baby not coming back
- whenever you come back to me
- doin' country right
- drink you away
- what's next
David Lee MURPHY

- another you
- as if i didn't know
- breaking hearts and taking names
- day in, day out
- goodnight sweetheart
- i breathe in, i breathe out
- if i never stop loving you
- it's out of my hands
- something to think about
- the faster i go
- the love of a man
- the need
- the sudden stop
- until now
- wonderful tonight
- all lit up in love
- breakfast in birmingham
- dust on the bottle (N° 1)
- everything's gonna be alright (avec kenny chesney)
- genuine rednecks
- i won't be sorry
- inspiration
- just don't wait around til she's leavin'
- just once
- loco
- no zip code
- out with a bang
- party crowd
- that's alright
- voice of reason
- way gone
David NAIL

- again
- clouds
- galveston
- i'm about to come alive
- kiss you tonight
- let it rain
- looking for a good time
- mississippi
- missouri
- night's on fire
- red light
- someone like you
- strangers on a train
- summer day jobs
- the sound of a million dreams
- this time around
- turning home
- whatever she's got
- fighting fire with fire
- for crying out loud
- picture me
- still got a crush on you

-8th day
- angelina
- another man's gold
- another saturday night
- back in style
- black sheep
- blueberry sky
- bounty
- bring down the house
- brothers
- bush party
- canadian girls
- crop circles
- dirt
- dirt roads scholar
- dose of country
- ever after
- four wheel drive
- good goodbye
- gravity
- gypsy girl
- it's friday
- lazy days
- like i know this town
- little yellow blanket
- love would be enough
- monterey
- moonlight girl
- mountain man
- old joe riley
- people know you by your first name
- roll that barrel out
- sand in my soul
- soggy bottom summer
- sunday drive
- sweet lola
- the kitchen song
- the old sand bar
- time
- trail in life
- underneath the apple trees
- undone
- upside down
- holed up in some honky tonks
- love is a game
- nowhere USA
- wake up and smell the whiskey

- absence of the heart
- angels working overtime
- count me in
- did i shave my legs for this
- how do i get there (N° 1)
- i'm just a girl
- in a heartbeat
- on the road again
- strawberry wine (N° 1)
- there's no limit
- we danced anyway (N° 1)
- a long and happy life
- i moved south
- no peace in quiet
- looking for a thing called love
- travelin' music
Derek RYAN
Deryl DODD
- down on your uppers
- dreamers & believers
- old and grey
- patsy fagan
- the belle of liverpool
- won't ya come down
- when you come around
- that's how i got to memphis

- beautiful mess (N° 1)
- bubba hyde
- can't you tell
- finish what we started
- god is there
- holdin'
- how your love makes me feel (N° 1)
- i believe (N° 1)
- i know how the river feels
- i made it
- imagine that
- in a week or two
- in god we still trust
- love a little stronger
- lyin' eyes
- mama don't forget to pray for me
- meet in the middle (N° 1)
- mirror mirror
- night is fallin' in my heart
- norma jean riley
- nowhere bound
- oh me, oh my, sweet baby
- one believer
- one more day (N° 1)
- stuff
- sweet summer
- ten feet away
- that's just that
- that's what i get for lovin' you
- this is my life
- this romeo ain't got julie yet
- unbelievable
- we all fall down
- workin' man blues (avec steve wariner & lee roy parnell)
- wrinkles
- you're gone
- bound for glory
- elle a fait un bébé toute seule
- i gotta know
- jolie louise
- l'as des as
- l'ours en cage
- le mojito (n'aime pas être seul)
- les anges de la télé
- ma vie pressée
- ne m'oublie pas
- montse montse
- my rifle my poney and me
- my secret suicide
- ouzo & black
- pourtant elle s'en fout
- quand je respire
- remember when
- she's gonna run
- this is the life
- un mec comme ça
- va t-en vers l'ouest
- we used to play
- white whisky

- 5-1-5-0
- am i the only one
- black
- bourbon in kentucky
- breathe you in
- burnin' man (avec brothers osborne)
- cab of my truck
- can't live it down
- come a little closer (N° 1)
- diamonds make babies
- different for girls
- domestic, light and cold
- down on easy street
- draw me a map
- drunk on a plane
- every mile a memory (N° 1)
- feel that fire (N° 1)
- fiddlin' around
- free and easy (down the road i go) (N° 1)
- gonna get there someday
- good things happen
- goodbye in telluride
- hold the light
- home
- how am i doin'
- hurt somebody
- i hold on
- i wanna make you close your eyes (N° 2)
- i'll be the moon
- in my head
- living
- long trip alone
- lot of leavin' left to do
- modern day drifter
- my last name
- my religion
- pick up
- riser
- say you do
- settle for a slowdown (N° 1)
- sideways (N° 1)
- so so long
- somewhere on a beach
- soon as you can
- stranger to myself
sweet & wild
- that don't make it easy loving me
- the heaven i'm headed to
- the mountain
- tip it on back
- trying to stop your leaving
- up on the ridge
- what the hell did i say
- what was i thinkin' (N° 1)
- wish it would break
- with the band
- woman, amen
- you can' bring me down

- a home
- cold day in july
- cowboy take me away (N° 1)
- everybody knows
- goodbye earl
heartbreak town
- i can love you better
- if i fall you're going down with me
- landslide
- let er rip
- long time gone
- not ready to make nice
- ready to run
- sin wagon
- some days you gotta dance
- there's your trouble (N° 1)
- tonight the heartache's on me
- travelin' soldier (N° 1)
- truth n° 2
- white trash wedding
- wide open spaces (N° 1)
- without you (N° 1)
- you were mine (N° 1)
- heaven on dirt

- (you got me over) a heartache tonight (duo avec Billy Dean)
- a tender lie
- country road
- cross my heart
- eagle when she flies
- full circle
- hello god
- he's alive
- high and mighty
- i will always love you (duo avec Vince Gill)
- i'll make your bed
- islands in the stream (duo avec Kenny Rogers)
- jolene
- more where that came from
- put a little love in your heart
- red hot screaming love
- rockin' years (avec ricky van shelton)
- romeo (avec Kathy Mattea, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Billy Ray Cyrus ...)
- silver and gold
- slow dancing with the moon
- the river unbroken
- what will baby be
- whenever forever comes (duo avec Collin Raye)
- white limozeen
- why can't we
- why'd you come in here lookin' like that
- yellow roses
just as long as i have you
lord have mercy on a country boy
true love
all i need
good problem to have
hey hollywood
house like that
there is no war
a jukebox with a country song (N° 1)
addicted to a dollar
born in the dark
come in out of the pain
dream high
faith in me, faith in you
how do i get off the moon
i never knew love
i thought it was you
i'd better off (in a pine box)
in a different light (N° 1)
let the light shine on you
little sister's blue jeans
love, you took me by surprise
made for lovin' you
more love
nice problem
she always gets what she wants
she used to love me a lot
small steps
sometimes i forget
take a letter, maria
that's a lie
these lips don't know how to say goodbye
too busy being in love (N° 1)
warning labels
why didn't i think of that (N° 1)
i don't call him daddy (N° 1)
it feels good
livin' the dream
the simple life
Dustin LYNCH
cowboys and angels
dancing in the headlights
hell of the night
she cranks my tractor
where it's at
wild in your smile

a thousand miles from nowhere
ain't that lonely yet
blame the vain
bury me (duo avec Maria McKee)
close up the honky tonks
common day man
crazy little thing called love
Dim Lights, Thick Smoke
fast as you
honky tonk man
i want you to want me
i was there (duo avec Buck Owens)
i wouldn't put it past me
intentional heartache
it only hurts when i cry
little sister
little ways
long white cadillac
muddy water
nothing's changed here
please, please baby
pocket of a clown
send a message to my heart (duo avec Patty Loveless)
sin city (duo avec K D Lang)
sorry you asked
streets of bakersfield (duo avec Buck Owens)
suspicious minds
that's okay
the back of your hand
the heart that you own
the late great golden state
these arms
things change
thinking about leaving
this time
try not to look so pretty
turn it up, turn it up, turn me loose
what do you know about love
you're the one
crazy over me
song of the south
a little more country than that (N° 1)
a lot to learn about livin'
all over the road
are you with me
don't ask me 'bout livin'
i can't love you back
leavin' a lonely town
let alone you
lovin' you is fun
only a girl
roll with it (N° 1)
someday when I'm old
that'll make you wanna drink
the way love looks
this far from memphis
this feels a lot like love
drivin' my life away
i love a rainy night
on second thought (N° 1)
rocky mountain music
runnin' with the wind
two dollars in the jukebox
Elisabeth COOK
swingin' door
too good to be true

always the love songs
crazy girl
drunk last night
even if it's break your heart
every other memory
on my way
radio waves
say goodnight
the falling
the fight
turn it on
war on a desperate man
when it rains
Stupid Things
Emily WEST
Emmylou HARRIS

a good man
belongs to you
fall into me
i should be sleeping
last one standing
moments (N° 1)
only god (could stop me loving you)
you still own me
blue sky
rocks in your shoes
that kind of happy
cattle call (Live)
crescent city
guess things happen that way (Live)
guitar town (Live)
heart's on fire
here, there and everywhere
leaving louisiana in the broad daylight
sweet old world
ain't killed me yet
- chattanooga lucy
- cold one
give me back my hometown
hell on the heart (N° 10)
like a wrecking ball
like jesus does
lotta boot left to fill
love your love the most
mr misunderstood
where she told me to go
without you here
you make it look so easy
young and wild
country music jesus
drink in my hand
hungover& hard up
i'm gettin' stoned
jack daniels
keep on
like jesus does
over when it's over
guys like me
his kind of money (my kind of love)
how 'bout you
sinners like me
the outsiders
two pink lines
flowers on the wall
swimming in champagne
when a heart begins to drift

friday night
if the fish don't bite
Never Really Wanted
she don't love you
Erika JO
Faith HILL
i'm not lisa
i break things

American Heart
Breathe (N° 1)
come home
i can't do that anymore
if my heart had wings
it matters to me (N° 1)
just to hear you say that you love me (duo avec Tim McGraw)
let me let go (N° 1)
lets' go to vegas
let's make love (duo avec Tim McGraw)
like we never loves at all (duo avec Tim McGraw)
love ain't like that
mississippi girl (N° 1)
piece of my heart (N° 1)
someone else's dream
stealing kisses
sunshine and summertime
take me as i am
the hard way
the lucky one
the secret of life
the way you love me (N° 1)
there you'll be
this kiss (N° 1)
when the lights go down
wild one (N° 1)
you can't lose me
you give me love
you're still here
make it rain
top down
ballad of davy crockett
get your shine on
round here
sippin' on fire
this is how we roll
last good time
nowhere than somewhere
preachin' to the choir
tequila sheila
i've been there too
Frankie LAINE
texas in 1880
a buncha girls
don't you wanna fall
helluva life
i'm thinking Country
it all started with a beer
sunshine and whiskey
tell me you get lonely
young & crazy
gunfight at the ok corral
birmingham steel
everything about you
she got what she deserves
tangled up in texas
Unwed Fathers

after the fire is gone (duo avec Trisha Yearwood)
against the grain
ain't going down ('til the sun comes up) (N° 1)
alabama clay
american honky tonk bar association (N° 1)
belleau woods
beer run (duo avec George Jones)
burning bridges
callin' baton rouge
cold shoulder
cowboy bill
cowboys and angels
do what you gotta do
everytime that it rains
friends in low places (N° 1)
good ride cowboy
i know one
if tomorrow never comes
in another's eyes (duo avec Trisha Yearwood)
in lonesome dove
it's midnight cinderella
it's your song
i've got a good thing going
learning to live again
longneck bottle (duo avec George Jones) (N° 1)
love will always win (duo avec Trisha Yearwood)
more than a memory (N° 1)
much too young (to feel this damn old)
nobody gets off in this town
not counting you
one night a day
papa loved mama
shameless (N° 1)
she's every woman (N° 1)
she's gonna make it
somewhere other than the night (N° 1)
squeeze me in (duo avec Trisha Yearwood)
standing outside the fire
that girl is a cowboy
that ol' wind
that summer (N° 1)
the beaches of cheyenne (N° 1)
the change
the dance (N° 1)
the fever
the old stuff
the river (N° 1)
the storm
the thunder rolls (N° 1)
thicker than blood
to make you feel my love (N° 1)
two of a kind, workin' on a full house (N° 1)
two pina coladas (N° 1)
unanswered prayers (N° 1)
we buty the hatchet
we shall be free
what she's doing now (N° 1)
when you come back to me again
why ain't i running
wild as the wind (duo avec Trisha Yearwood)
wild horses
workin' for a livin' (duo avec Huey Lewis)
wrapped up in you
you move me

a feelin' like that
along the way
alright guy
as long as you're looking back
best i ever had
cowboy blues
cryin' for nothin'
don't tell mama
forever and a day
from where i'm sitting
get off on the pain
hangover tonight
her man
i think i've had enough
i'll take today
i'm the one
it ain't the whiskey
it would be you
kiss me when i'm down
learning how to bend
learning to live with me
life ain't always beautiful
like it's a bad thing
living in a house full of love
long summer days
lovin' you against my will
man of me
man to man (N° 1)
no regrets
nothin' on but the radio (N° 1)
right where i need to be
sand in my soul
send back my heart
she gets me
she's so california
smoke rings in the dark
songs about rain
that ain't gonna fly
the one
tough little boys (N° 1)
watching airplanes (N° 2)
we fly by night
we touched the sun
when you give yourself away
wine me up
i can't love you anymore
unbroken ground
George DUCAS
i'll never do better than you
my name
what i do
all kinds of crazy
every time she passes by
lipstick promises
long trail of tears
walk through this world
George JONES
high-tech redneck
i don't need your rockin' chair (avec différents artistes)
i gotta get drunk (duo avec Willie Nelson)
she loved a lot in her time
the grand tour
white lightnin'
who's gonna fill their shoes
you couldn't get the picture

a fire i can't put out
a showman's life
ace in the hole
all my ex's live in texas
amarillo by morning
as far as it goes
baby blue
big ball's in cowtown (duo avec Asleep At The Wheel)
blue clear sky (N° 1)
blue marlin blues
brothers of the highway
carried away (N° 1)
carrying your love with me (N° 1)
check yes or no (N° 1)
cowboys like us
do the right thing
don't make me come overthere and love you
drinkin' man
drinking champagne
easy as you go
easy come, easy go (N° 1)
fool hearted memory
give it all we got tonight
give it away (N° 1)
give me more time
go on
gone as a girl can get
heartland (N° 1)
heaven is missing an angel
here for a good time
he's got something special
honk if you honky tonk
house across the bay
how 'bout them cowgirls
i believe
i can still make cheyenne
i cross my heart (N° 1)
i found jesus on the jailhouse floor
i got a car
i gotta get to you (N° 3)
i hate everything (N° 1)
i just want to dance with you (N° 1)
i know she still loves me
i saw god today (N° 1)
i'd just as soon go
i'd like to have that one back
if i know me (N° 1)
if you ain't lovin' (you ain't livin')
if you can do anything else
i'll always remember you
it just comes natural (N° 1)
it was me
i've come to expect it from you (N° 1)
just look at me
king of the mountain
lead on
let it go
living and living well (N° 1)
living for the night (N° 2)
lone star blues
look who's back from town
love without end, amen (N° 1)
love's gonna make it alright
lovesick blues
make her fall in love with me song
marina del ray
murder on music row (duo avec Alan Jackson)
my infinite love
ocean front property
one night at a time (N° 1)
overnight male
right or wrong
river of love (N° 1)
rockin' in the arms of your memory
round about way (N° 1)
shame on me
she let herself go (N° 1)
she used to say that to me
she'll leave you with a smile (N° 1)
sittin' on the fence
so much like my dad
stay out of my arms
tell me something bad about tulsa
that's what breaking hearts do
the best day (N° 1)
the big one (N° 1)
the breath you take
the chair
the chill of an early fall
the cowboy rides away
the fireman
the king of broken hearts
the man in love with you
the seashores of old mexico
three nails and a cross
today my world slipped away
we really shouldn't be doing this
what do you say to that
when did you stop loving me
when love comes around again
when the credits roll
when you're in love
where the sidewalk ends
wonderland of love
write this down (N° 1)
you can't make a heart love somebody (N° 1)
you don't know what you're missing
you know me better than that (N° 1)
you'll be there
i could be the one
can't shake you
(kissed you) good night
how far do you wanna go
the way it goes
time to let me go
wanna take you home
wild at heart
you said
a picture of you
i can't fight it anymore
oh sweetness
Gretchen WILSON
did it for the girl
fill in the blank
lost in Caroline

all jacked up
california girls
come to bed (duo avec John Rich)
don't do me no good
good ole boy
here for the party
i don't feel like loving you today
i got your country right here
i'd love to be your last
if i could do it all again
if you want a mother
one good friend
one of the boys
politically uncorrect
redneck woman (N° 1)
still rollin'
the earrings song
the girl i am
when i think about cheatin'
work hard, play harder
you don't have to go home
country strong

(tonight we just might) fall in love again
a girl like you
don't strike a match (to the book of love)
five o'clock world
hearts are gonna roll
i know where love lives
i miss my mary
i saw the light
in front of the alamo
just this side of heaven
long day comin'
mama knows the highway
my love will not change
old soldiers
one more midnight
past the point of rescue
she found the place
she is
small town saturday night
somebody's love
stay forever
sure love
two of the lucky ones
devil and the cross
blue sunrise
fool around
is it only me
prayer for you
someone else
something like a broken heart
tell me
nowhere left to roam
Heather MYLES
built to last
i loved her first (N° 1)
let's get dirty
once a woman gets a hold of your heart
slow down
kiss an angel good morning
love me a little bit longer
never had a broken heart
true love
you're gonna love me one day
cry, cry,cry (til the sun shines)
johnny and june
stay up late
what am i waiting for
why'd you have to be so good
baby, i'm missing you
bigger than the both of us
bing, bang, boum
cry, cry, cry
home on the range
honky tonk heart
someone else's trouble now
somewhere tonight
the bed you made for me
the blame
the change
this side of goodbye
walkin', talkin', cryin' barely beatin' broken heart
whiskey, if you were a woman
who's lonely now (N° 1)

against the wind
death and hell
desperadoes waiting for a train
i do believe
it is what it is
live forever
silver stallion
the devil's right hand
the highwayman
the last cowboy song
the road goes on forever
true love travels a gravel road
waiting for a long time
Holly DUNN
Hunter HAYES
heart full of love
i am who i am
i want crazy
you really had me going (N° 1)

all over you
cry with you
everybody's got somebody but me
everybody's got somebody but me (duo avec Jason Mraz)
faith to fall back on
if you told me to
love makes me
more than i should
rainy season
somebody's heartbreak
storm warning
what you gonna do
somethin' 'bout a sunday
our town
mama's opry
let the mystery be
bad things
nowhere in the neighborhood
that's the kind of love i'm in

barefoot and crazy
feel like i'm falling in love
lips of an angel
love you
maybe she'll get lonely
measure of a man
that's not me
wherever you are (N° 1)

alone with you
anything for you
anywhere with you
barefoot blue jean night
cherry on top
days of gold
don't think i can't love you (N° 2)
easy does it
eight second ride
every reason i go back
green bananas
nothin' grows in shadows
something about a woman
startin' with me
tell me
the one that got away
what we ain't got
who said whiskey (was meant to drink a woman away)
yee haw
James OTTO

all i do is love her
dog on a toolbox
i don't think i will
i knew i'd need my heart someday
little blue not
naked to the pain
roots and wings
she's got a mind of her own
the couple
the heart stops the clock
the swing
little by little
this is me missing you
until you set me free
days of our lives
just got started loving you (N° 1)
since you brought it up
soldiers & jesus
James T. HORN
texas diary
the water is wide
didn't i
jackson hole
walking contradiction
Jamie O'NEAL
high cost of living
in color
the dollar

every little thing
god don't meke mistakes
i love my life
like a woman
soldier coming home
somebody's hero
there is no arizona (N° 1)
trying to find atlantis
when i think about angels (N° 1)
i hope it rains
why ya wanna
that's beautiful to me

amarillo sky
big green tractor (N° 1)
burnin' it down
crazy town (N° 2)
dirt road anthem
don't you wanna stay (duo avec Kelly Clarkson)
fly over states
johnny cash
laughed until we cried
my kinda party
night train
she's country (N° 1)
take a little ride
tattoos on this town
the truth (N° 1)
the only way i know (avec Luke Bryan et Eric Church)
tonight looks good on you
when she says baby
why (N° 1)
blame it on waylon
cover your eyes
sounds like an angel to me
southern side
what if
ferris wheel
unlikely angel
Jason Michael CARROLL
alyssa lies
angel of broken hearts
barn burner
don't know why
god only knows
growing up is getting old
happened on a saturday night (suzie Q)
hell or hallelujah
hurry home
i can't sleep when i'm dead
last word
let it rain
let me
let me go
livin' our love song
lookin' at you
love won't let me
my favorite
no good in goodbye
ray of hope
this is for the lonely
waitin' in the country
we threw it all away
where i'm from
one night
high lonesome
soldier for the lonely
Jeffrey STEELE
don't have me for loving you
good people
i can't have nothing nice
i wanna make you cry
long, slow kisses
no shame
one second chance
the love song
cheatin' on her heart
god save the world (duo avec Lisa Brokop)
holdin' onto something
i can only imagine
not on your love (N° 1)
real life (i never was the same again)
shine on
the car
until we fall back in love again
when you said you loved me
a girl like you
i can give you love like that
once a cowboy
Jennette MCCURDY
generation love
not that far away
You Made My Yesterday
buzz back girl
down in mexico
drink to that all night
lover, lover (N° 1)
old school new again
one more drinkin' song
Only God Could Love You More
shinin' on me
the one that got away
what do you want
all i've got to say
cactus in a coffee can
don't tell me you're not in love
i just want my baby back
if a man ain't thinking ('bout his woman)
it's dangerous with you on my mind
love trip
the look
the more i love you
Jessica HARP

good time
helplessly, hopelessly
i do now
i will be there for you
summer girl
there's more to me than you
unbreakable heart
who i am (N° 1)
you go first (do you wanna kiss)
a woman needs
boy like me
come on over
remember that
Jessie JAMES
Jimmy ROY
boys in the summer
military man
when you say my name
stronger woman
turn me down
for america
real life
do you believe me now (N° 1)
i love you this much
i will
paper angels
stay gone
that's all i'll ever need
you are
have a little faith
the crush
Joanna SMITH
another shoulder at the wheel
because you love me
biker chicks
bring on the rain (duo avec Tim McGraw) (N° 1)
bye bye (N° 1)
dare to dream
delicious surprise
do you wanna make something of it
every little girl's dream
heads carolina, tails california
he'd never seen julie cry
i wish
i'm alright (N° 1)
i'm done
it's too late to worry
lesson in leavin'
let it go
my give a damn's busted (N° 1)
not going down
on a wing and a prayer
stand beside me (N° 1)
that's god
that's the way (N° 1)
walk to the light
was that my life
you're not in kansas anymore
georgia mud
gettin' married
girls are crazy
we can't be friends
a night to remember
behind closed doors
bigger than the beatles (N° 1)
home (N° 1)
honky tonk attitude
if i could only bring you back
if the devil danced (in empty pockets) (N° 1)
if you want me to
in another world
is it cold in here
it's always somethin'
john deere green
new way (to light up an old flame)
next thing smokin'
pickup man (N° 1)
prop me up beside the jukebox (if i die)
quittin' kind
ships that don't come in
so help me girl
texas size heartache
third rock from the sun (N° 1)
this is your brain
tougher than nails
another side of you
brokenheartsville (N° 1)
cool to be a fool
gimmie that girl (N° 1)
hard to be cool
i hate the way i love you
if nobody believed in you
i'll wait for you
it ain't no crime
she only smokes when she drinks
sunny and 75
take it off
tequila makes her clothes fall off (N° 1)
the impossible
the shape i'm in
to tell you the truth i lied
what's a guy gotta do
if you want some
why god made love songs
get it on
John & Audrey WIGGINS
John Arthur MARTINEZ
crazy love
falling out of love
has anybody seen amy
party down
she's in the bedroom crying
somewhere in love
bigger hands
burnin' up the road
cold coffee
cold day in hell
heartache tonight
hillbilly hollywood
i fell in the water
i wish i could have been there
it ain't easy being me
i've got it made
last night i laid your memory to rest
let go of the stone
look away
money in the bank (N° 1)
nobody's got it all
seminole wind
somebody slap me
steamy windows
straight tequila night (N° 1)
takin' the country back
when it comes to you
who got our love
home made of stone
a mind of her own
a woman like you
desperate measures
every time my heart calls your name
how much do you love me
i never lost you
i think about it all the time
i will, if you will
if i had any pride left at all
kiss me in the car
love is for giving
love was made for us
power windows
prove me wrong
she's taken a shine
standing on the edge of goodbye
the balloon song
there's no cross that love won't bear
until i'm loving you
what are we fighting for
what's in it for me
where would i be
will you marry me
you and only you
you'll be in my heart
your love amazes me (N° 1)
you're the voice
angel in my eyes
be my baby tonight (N° 1)
beer and bones
cover you in kisses
cowboy love
even then
four-wheel drive
goes good with beer
hello L.O.V.E.
hold on to me
home to you
how was i to know
i can love you like that (N° 1)
i love the way you love me (N° 1)
i miss you a little
i swear (N° 1)
if you ever went away
if you've got love (N° 1)
letters from home
life's a dance
long as i live
love working on you
mad cowboy disease
no man's land
rope the moon
sold (the grundy county auction incident) (N° 1)
that's what i like about you
the little girl (N° 1)
'til nothing comes between us
Johnny CASH
Jon Bon JOVI
don't drink my whiskey
need a little something
stay for a while
you thought i'd never be
(ghost) riders in the sky
four strong winds
even cowgirls get the blues (duo avec Waylon Jennings)
sea of heartbreak
the ballad of ira hayes
the city of new orleans
(you want to) make a memory
'til we ain't strangers anymore (duo avec LeAnn Rimes)
love you from here
Missin' You Crazy
that man
trash a hotel room
up all night
- a country boy's life well lived
- a cowgirl like you
- a good woman
- airport kiss
- american country band
- any night in texas
- anybody playin' sad songs
- baby this and baby that
- beers we aint drank yet
- better bartender
- boots on a dancefloor
- don't it feel good
- famous among fools
- feels like country music
- heart to steal tonight
- here's to all my heroes
- his new baby
- i don't dance
- i'll take my chances
- i'm your guy
- if i had a bar
- if she's looking for love
- it all happened in a honky tonk
- it just feels right
- let a country boy love you
- lost cause like me
- only time you call
- outrun her memory
- play me something i can drink to
- runaway with me
- she beats all i've ever seen
- smile on mine
- some ol' bar in the 90s
- something to see
- start over somewhere
- sweet little song and dance
- tennessee whiskey
- tequila sundown
- that girl in texas
- that's my baby
- that's what i'm talking about
- two out of seven
- what are you doin' right now
- when the good ol boys age out
- why can't you (conrad's song)
- why she comes in here
- you might have told me
living in paradise
look who's back in love
Jordan DAVIS
- buy dirt (avec luke bryan)
- good news sold
- money isn't real
- next thing you know
- part of it
- slow dance in a parking lot
- 24-7-365
- ain't my daddy's town
- amnesia
- hangin' around
- touch
cover girl
favorite state of mind
i keep coming back
i want to live
nothin' to lose (N° 1)
stay with me (brass bed)
unbelievable (ann marie)
we weren't crazy
georgia clay
gone like that
beer on the table
cold beer with your name on it
comin' around
wanted me gone
way out here
won't be lonely long
- all over me (N° 1)
- another try (duo avec Trisha Yearwood)
- as fast as i could
- baby, i go crazy
- country state of mind
- deep south
- desperately
- everything is fine
- find me a baby
- firecracker
- forever and ever amen
- good ol boys (theme from the dukes of hazard)
- hometown girl
- how great thou art
- i can tell the way you dance
- i saw the light
- i saw the light (avec sonya isaacs)
- i serve a savior
- i was there
- i wouldn't be a man
- i'm no stranger to the rain
- i've got it made
- lay low
- long black train
- lord have mercy on a country boy
- me and god
- midnight in montgomery
- never had a reason
- nowhere fast
- one like mine
- one woman man
- pallbearer
- she'll go on you
- so not my baby
- the answer
- time is love
- trailerhood
- way down southwhat it ain't
- whatcha reckon
- where the girls are
- white noise (duo avec John Anderson)
- why don't we just dance (N° 1)
- wonder
- would you go with me (N° 1)
- you don't seem to miss me
- your man (N° 1)
Joy Lynn WHITE
- bad loser
- cold day in july
- let's talk about love again
- little tears
- tonight the heartache's on me
- true confessions
- why do i feel so good
- wishful thinking
- night is fallin' (in my heart)
whatever it takes
- already high
- goodbye made you mine
- hunt you down
- rather be wrong than lonely
- sleepy little town
Julianne HOUGH
- queen of hearts
- is that so wrong
- my hallelujah song
- that song in my head
- you, you, you
- it's a bout time
- trouble is a woman
- what i need
Justin HAIGH
Justin MOORE
- break down here
- girl next door
- men and mascara
- wake up older
- a real good year for beer
- all my best friends (are behin bars)
- in jail
- love me
- monahans
- people like me
- rose in paradise
- the leaving in your eyes
- airport bar
- back that thing up
- backwoods (N° 6)
- bait a hook
- better slow
- consecutive days alive
- everbody get along
- flyin' down a back road
- good times don't
- grandpa
- hearing things
- home sweet home
- how i got to be this way
- i could kick your ass
- if heaven wasn't so far away
- if you don't like my twang
- jesus and jack daniels
- kinda don't care
- lettin' the night roll
- like there's no tomorrow
- more than me
- on the rocks
- point at you
- redneck side
- selfish man
- she ain't mine no more
- she's got lovin' on her mind
- small town USA (N° 1)
- small town usa (acoustic)
- somebody else will
- stray dogs
- the ones that didn't make it back home
- the only place that i call home
- this is my dirt
- this kind of town
- til my last day
- we didn't have much
- we didn't have much (acoustic)
- why we drink
- with a woman you love
- you keep getting me drunk
- you look like i need a drink
- you me & whiskey (avec priscilla block)

- biscuits
- blowin' smoke
- dime store cowgirl
- follow your arrow
- high time
- keep it to youself
- late to the party
- merry go 'round
- 455 rocket
- clown in your rodeo
- eighteen wheels and a dozen roses
- maybe she's human
- nobody's gonna rain on our parade
- the battle hymn of love
- time passes by
- trouble with angels
- walking away a winner
- what could have been (avec emmylou harris)
- where've you been
- whole lotta holes
- every time i hear your name
- i still miss you (N° 2)
- pickin' wildflowers
- podunk
- she could've been mine
- somebody needs a hug
- sunday morning in america
- three chord and american rock & roll
- California

- a little luck of our own
- better life (N° 1)
- blue ain't your color
- break on me
- brown eyes baby
- burden
- but for the grace of god (N° 1)
- change my mind
- coming home
- cop car
- days go by (N° 1)
- everybody
- faster car
- for you
- god whispered your name
- got it right this time (celebration)
- hit the ground runnin'
- i can't stop loving you
- i told you so
- i wanna be your man (forever)
- i'm in
- if ever i could love
- if you wanna stay
- it's a love thing
- john cougar john deere john 3:16
- kiss a girl
- little bit of everything
- long hot summer
- making memories of us (N° 1)
- messed up as me
- my heart is open
- nightfalls
- once in a lifetime
- only you can love me this way (N° 1)
- parallel line
- polaroid
- put you in a song
- raining on sunday
- raise 'em up (avec Eric Church)
- raise em up
- rollercoaster
- romeo's tune
- same heart
- shine
- somebody like you (N° 1)
- somewhere in my car
- standing right in front of you
- straight line
- street called main
- stupid boy
sweet thing (N° 1)
- superman
- 'til summer comes around (N° 3)
- tonight i wanna cry
- wasted time
- we were (avec eric church)
- we were us (duo avec Miranda Lambert)
- where the blacktop ends
- who wouldn't wanna be me (N° 1)
- why's it feel so long
- wild hearts
- without you
- won't let you down
- you gonna fly
- you look good in my shirt (N° 1)
- you'll think of me (N° 1)
- your everything
- you're my better half
- you're the only one
- a voice still rings true (tribute various artists)
- brotherly love (duo avec Earl Thomas Conley)
- charlotte's in north carolina
- don't close your eyes
- i just want you (avec lorrie morgan)
- i'm gonna hurt her on the radio
- i'm no stranger to the rain
- i'm over you
- it ain't nothin' (N° 1)
- 'til a tear becomes a rose (duo avec Lorrie Morgan)
- the comeback kid
- when you say nothing at all
Kelleigh BANNEN
- famous
- sorry on the rocks
- you are what you love
- at the end of the day
- dance with my father
- texas plates
- whatever it takes
- when you lie next to me
- 100 proof
- best days of your life
- didn't you know how much i loved you
- don't you know you're beautiful
- gotta keep moving
- i wonder
- i'm on my way
- if it wasn't for a woman
- little bit gypsy
- makin' me fall in love again
- red high heels
- someone somewhere tonight
- things that never cross a man's mind
- tough
- heaven's just a sin away
- not forgotten you
- take me down
- bundle of nerves
- jukebox junkie
- workin' for the weekend
- a chance
- a lot of things different
- ain't back yet (N° 3)
- all i need to know
- all the pretty girls
- american kids
- anything but mine (N° 1)
- back where i come from
- baptism(avec randy travis)
- bar at the end of the world
- because of your love
- beer can chicken
- beer in mexico (N° 1)
- better as a memory (N° 1)
- better boat
- big star
- bucket
- coach
- coastal
- come over
- da ruba girl
- dancin' for the groceries
- demons
- don't blink (N° 1)
- don't happen twice (N° 1)
- don't it
- down the road (duo avec Mac McAnally) (N° 1)
- drink it up
- el cerrito place
- everybody wants to go to heaven (N° 1)
- everyone she knows
- fall in love
- feel like a rock star (duo avec Tim McGraw)
- flora bama
- for the first time
- get along
- got a little crazy
- grandpa told me so
- guilty pleasure
- guys names captain
- happy does
- heartbreakers
- here and now
- honey would you stand by me
- how forever feels (N° 1)
- i go back
- i lost it
i want to know what love is
- i will stand
- i'm alive (duo avec Dave Matthews)
- if this bus could tak
- jesus and elvis
- just to say we did
- keg in the closet
- knowing you
- live a little
- living in fast forward (N° 1)
- me and you
- never wanted nothing more (N° 1)
- no shoes, no shirt, no problems
- out last night (N° 1)
- paris, tennessee
- pirate flag
- pirate song
- reality
- rich and miserable
- rise up
- rock bottom
- save it for a rainy day
- setting the worl on fire
- she thinks my tractor's sexy
- she's got it all (N° 1)
- shiftwork (duo avec George Strait) (N° 2)
- some town somewhere
- someone else's hog
- somewhere with you
- song for the saints
- summertime (N° 1)
- take me home
- that's why i'm here
- the big revival
- the bigger the fool (the harder the fall)
- the boys of fall (N° 1)
- the good stuff (N° 1)
- the tin man
- the woman with you
- there goes my life (N° 1)
- thinkin' 'bout
- til it's gone
- tip of my tongue
- trip around the sun
- we do
- what i need to do
- when i close my eyeswhen i see this bar
- when the sun goes down (duo avec Uncle Kracker) (N° 1)
- wherever you are tonight
- who you'd be today
- wife and kids
- wild child (avec Grace Potter)
- wild ride
- winnebago
- you and tequila (duo avec Grace Potter)
- you had me from hello (N° 1)
- you save me
- young
- (beautiful) all that you could be
- buy me a rose (N° 1)
- handprints on the wall
- i can't unlove you
- i'm missing you
- my world is over (duo avec Whitney Duncan)
- the gambler
- the greatest
- dumas walker
- honky tonk walkin'
- it's chitlin' time
- jessico
- oh lonesome me
- only daddy that'll walk the line
- the ballad of davy crockett
- with body and soul
- cowgirls
- that's what your love does
- a year at a time
- cadillac tears
- correct me if i'm right
- it'll go away
- takin' off the edge
- that's just jessie
- walk out of the rain
- a drinkin' song
- a guy like that
- a matter of when
- better with beer
- big river
- cheaper to keep her
- hard man to love
- hell yeah i like beer
- long line of losers
- loose loud & crazy
- lord loves the drinkin' man
- pound sign
that girl' man
- beautiful people
- i think i'll stay
- if she only knew
- if you love somebody
- love is all that really matters
- measure of a man
- nobody knows (N° 1)
- she's sure taking it well
- somebody's baby
- there's only you
- every river
- here i go again
- just my luck
- those words we said
- you'll never know
- beer money
- damn love
- dirt road
- drive me crazy
- fire and flame
- fire on wheels
- hey old lover
- hey pretty girl
- how high
- i'm to blame
- if i was your lover
- it ain't california
- janie blu
- kinda bar
- last shot
- mary was the marrying kind
- more girls like you
- more than enough
- payin' hard
- red white blue jean american dram
- running for you
- she's mine
- somethin' 'bout a truck
- south
- southpaw
- sweet virginia
- the bull
- wild world
- young love
Kristen KELLY
bring it on home
complete 360
moonshine road
new to this town
all cried out
ex-old man
he loves to make me cry
Krystal KEITH
get your redneck on
leavin' stephenville
make or break me
16th avenue
black coffee
have i got a heart for you
all we'd ever need
american honey (N° 1)
as you turn away
cold as stone
dancin' away with my heart
friday night
get to me
goodbye town
heart of the world
hello world
home is where the heart is
i run to you (N° 1)
just a kiss
long gone
long stretch of love
lookin' for a good time
love don't live here
love i've found in you
love this pain
love's lookin' good on you
need you now (N° 1)
our kind of love (N° 1)
perfect day
singing me home
slow down sister
somewhere love remains
wanted you more
we owned the night
when you were mine
always wanting more (breathless)
let you go
john wayne walking away
always a woman
losing your love
eighteen inches
georgia peaches
like my mother does
my finger
pull me back
take the keys
big deal
but i do love you
crazy women
good friend and a glass of wine
i need you
life goes on
nothin' 'bout love makes sense
nothin' new under the moon
nothing better to do
one way ticket (because i can) (N° 1)
probably wouldn't be this way
some people
something's gotta give
the light in your eyes
this love
unchained melody
what i cannot change
(now you see me) now you don't
a little past little rock
ashes by now
does my ring burn your finger
don't tell me
finding my way back home
forever everyday
he oughta know that by now
i hope you dance (N° 1)
i may hate myself in the morning
i'll think of a reason later
last call
never again, again
some things i know
something worth leaving behind
the fool
the wrong girl
there is a god
twenty years and two husbands ago
why they call it falling
a woman like you
beautiful every time
happy endings
hard to love (N° 1)
i don't dance
i drive your truck
love like crazy (N° 3)
parking lot party
she ain't right
upper middle class white trash
god bless the USA
holdin' a good hand
hopelessly yours (duo avec Suzy Bogguss)
a little bit of you
daddies and daughters
givin' water to a drawning man
heart's desire
love without mercy
lucky me, lucky you
tender moment
the rock
what kind of fool do you think i am
when a woman loves a man
almost over you
come a little closer
down came a blackbird
go easy on me
i can do this
i will be
i'm amazed
kiss me now
that's when angels do
to get me to you
with you
yippy ky yay
Lindsay ELL
always will
from the inside out
i'm yours
in a different light
love story in the making
she doesn't ask
some things are meant to be
walk away
what do i know
after the gold rush
shut me up
trippin' on us
30 nothin'
family tree
great expectations
i'm your man
leap of faith (N° 1)
miles & years
smack dab in the middle of love
waitin' for the sun to shine
what kind of fool
when you cross that line
big picture
one of those nights
a little more you
all over again
all the way down
bring it on home
day drinking
don't waste my time
fine line
girl crush
good as gone
good lord willing
i'm with the band
kiss goodbye
lean into me
life rolls on
little white church (N° 6)
rain on a tin roof
runaway train
shut up train
the reason why
why, oh why
your side of the bed
all in the line of love
amy's back in austin
first time for everything
forget about forgetting you
god blessed texas
i'd rather miss you
kick a little
life goes on
love and learn
my love (N° 1)
my town
only thing i'm sure of
peaceful easy feeling
some guys have all the love
southern grace
stop on a dime
this time it's real
what might have been
what were you thinkin'
you and forever and me
here comes summer
i love this life
keep in mind
you got me
all the way
amazed (N° 1)
class reunion (that used to be us)
come cryin' to me (N° 1)
county fair
don't let's talk about lisa
everything's changed
heartbroke every day
hey god
i love the way you do that
i'll die tryin'
i'm already there (N° 1)
i've gotta find you
just the rain
let me love you
let's be us again
lonely grill
long lost smile
mr. mom (N° 1)
my front porch looking in (N° 1)
no news (N° 1)
not a day goes by
nothing to prove
one of those nights
paradise knife and gun club
pretty good day
runnin' away with my heart
say when
simple as that
smile (N° 1)
tell her (N° 1)
tequila talkin'
the countdown
walking in memphis
what about now (N° 1)
what she had to
when cowboys didn't dance
with me
with my eyes open
you don't know what love is
you walked in
you're like comin' home
you're the reason why
1800 use to be
a good year for the roses (duo avec Sammy Kershaw)
a picture (without you)
back in your arms again
by my side (duo avec Jon Randall)
do you still want to buy me a drink (frank)
don't touch me
evening up the odds
except for monday
exit 99
five minutes (N° 1)
go away
good as i was to you
greater need
he drinks tequila (duo avec Sammy Kershaw)
he talks to me
heart over mind
here i go again
i can count on you
i didn't know my own strength (N° 1)
i finally found someone (duo avec Sammy Kershaw)
i just might be
i'm not that easy to forget
if you came back from heaven
maybe not tonight (duo avec Sammy Kershaw)
my night to howl
reading my heart
soldier of love
something in red
steppin' stones (duo avec Vince Gill & Travis Tritt)
the hard part was easy
the sad cafe
to get to you
trainwreck of emotion
war paint
watch me
we both walk
what part of no (N° 1)
you'd thing he'd know me better
angel eyes
dancing in circles
if you ever get lonely
night that you'll never forget
Runnin' Out Of Air
all my friends say
chuggin' along
country girl (shake it for me)
country man
crash my party
do i (N° 2)
doin' my thing
drink a beer
drinkin' beer and wastin' bullets
drunk on you
every time i see you
i did it again
i don't want this night to end
i see you
just a sip
kiss tomorrow goodbye
play it again
rain is a good thing (N° 1)
roller coaster
she get me high
shore thing
someone else calling you baby
suntan city
take my drunk a** home
we rode in trucks
welcome to the farm
what country is
rose garden
sea of heartbreak
girl in a country song
shut up and fish
Mallary HOPE
blossom in the dust
love lives on
country rock star
i love this song
(come on in) the whiskey's fine
a hard secret to keep
almost goodbye (N° 1)
blame it on texas
broken promise land
brother jukebox (N° 1)
bubba shot the jukebox
fallin' never felt so good
goin' through the big D
going on later on
gonna get a life (N° 1)
heard it in a love song
i don't want to miss a thing (N° 1)
i just wanted you to know (N° 1)
i might even quit lovin' you
i want my baby back
if the devil brought you roses
i'll get you back
i'll think of something (N° 1)
i'm a saint
i'm gone
i'm in love with a married woman
it sure is monday (N° 1)
it's a little too late (N° 1)
it's not over (avec Alison Krauss et Vince Gill)
let it rain
let's talk about our love
live to be 100
lost in the feeling
man in the mirror
my way back home
ol' country
old flames have new names
rollin' with the flow
she dreams
she was
texas is bigger than it used to be
thank god for believers
that good that bad
that's the way you make an ex
the lord loves the drinkin' man
things to do in wichita
this heartache never sleeps
tonight i'll let my memory take me home
too cold at home
what was you thinking
when i get this close to you
when the lights go out
when you love her like crazy
wherever you are
your love is a miracle
born to love you
even the man in the moon crying
hard lovin' woman
hillbilly boy with the rock 'n' roll blues
it is no secret
linda lou
shame, shame, shame, shame
trouble's comin' like a train
dance of the ol' swamp rat
now it belongs to you
the ballad of sally anne
19 somethin' (N° 1)
all the crap i do
almost doesn't count
back at one
back on earth
crazy being home
crazy white boy
days of thunder
don't laugh at me
entertaining angels
her kiss
high low and in between
i want to know (everything there is to know about you)
i'm not gonna do anything without you (duo avec Jamie O'Neal)
jacob's ladder
looking for america
loving every minute
panama city
places i've never been
she's in love
take it all out on me
the likes of you
the things we forget
time machine
what are you doing
when you think of me
wish you were here (N° 1)
get rhythm
a broken wing (N° 1)
a rose garden
blessed (N° 1)
concrete angel
cry cry (til the sun shines)
cry on the shoulder of the road
for these times
god's will
happy girl
heart trouble
how far
how i feel
i just call you mine
i love you (N° 1)
i still miss someone
i'm gonna love you through it
in my daughter's eyes
independence day
it's my time
life #9
love's the only house
my baby loves me
safe in the arms of love
still holding on (duo avec Clint Black)
teenage daughters
there you are
this one's for the girls
til i can make it on my own
trip around the sun (duo avec Jimmy Buffett)
whatever you say
when god-fearin' women get the blues
where would you be
wild angels (N° 1)
wrong again (N° 1)
wrong baby wrong
you ain't woman enough
el paso
the master's call
a song of sadness
burn me down
crying, waiting, hoping (avec Steve Earle)
don't be cruel (to a heart that's true)
going, going, gone
hey baby
high on a mountain top
hillbilly rock
holding on to nothing
hollywood boogie
if i ain't got you
if there ain't there ought'a be
little things
love and luck
mama tried (duo avec John Anderson)
now that's country
one woman man (duo avec George Jones)
red, red wine and cheatin' songs
sundown in Nashville
tear the woodpile down
the likes of me
this one's gonna hurt you (for a long, long time) (duo avec Travis Tritt)
till i found you
too much month (at the end of the money)
western girls
you can't stop love
a keeper for every flame
a lot like me
a road is just a road
almost home
down at the twist and shout
going out tonight
he thinks he'll keep her
house of cards
i feel lucky
i put my ring back on
i take my chances
i want to be your girlfriend
let me into your heart
not too much to ask (duo avec Joe Diffie)
outside looking in
passionate kisses
right now
shut up and kiss me (N° 1)
stones in the road
tender when i want to be
the bug
the hard way
the last word
the way i feel
this is love
this is me leaving you
what would you say to me
wherever you are
why walk when you can fly
wishing (duo avec Kevin Montgomery)
you win again
city lights
it's on you
bad as i want to
some people piss me off
you can still wear white
you had to pick on me
i wrote the book
big money
don't forget about me
dream seeker
every step of the way
everytime she says yes
for a moment there
house huntin'
i got a love
mother's eyes
one of these days
plain jane
she's letting go
someone's child
standing in the river (dying of thirst)
the power of love
the truth is killin' me
uncle sam's right hand man
when the river runs high
you found a way
all i have to offer you is me
amarillo sky
anything that touches you
can i count on you
going out of my mind
hurry sundown
i'm the one
just one night
love on the loose, heart on the run
love's on the line
no more cryin'
sacred ground
same old star
trick rider
ain't what it used to be
cryin' days
Michael J. HARTER
making believe (duo avec George Jones)
pancho & lefty
seashores of old mexico (duo avec Willie Nelson)
silver eagle (duo avec Georges Jones)
everything in arizona
hard call to make
if you never loved me
i will whisper your name
one honest tear
Michael RAY
by the book
drink, swear, steal & lie
from here to eternity (N° 1)
lesson in goodbye
lost in the shuffle
love's great
modern man
somethin' 'bout a sunday
sure feels real good
too good to be true
when the bartender cries
kiss you in the morning
real man love jesus
as simple as that
i got a life
i'll stop loving you
till you were gone
walk on faith (N° 1)
a girl's gotta do (what a girl's gotta do)
all i want is everything
guys do it all the time (N° 1)
i want a man
ler's talk about love
lips like yours
maybe he'll notice her now (duo avec Richie McDonald)
maybe, maybe not
one in a million
ten thousand angels
the other side of this kiss
what if i do
you'll never know
all kinds of kinds
baggage claim
bring me down
dead flowers
famous in a small town
fastest girl in town
gunpowder & lead
heart like mine
little red wagon
mama's broken heart
me and charlie talking
more like her
new strings
only prettier
over you
somethin' bad (avec Carrie Underwood)
the house that built me (N° 1)
white liar (N° 2)
hey joe (duo avec Joe Stampley)
honky tonk queen (duo avec Joe Stampley)
that horse that you can't ride
all i want is you
don't know a thing
every day we fall in love
feel better
forever from now on
give my heart a break
it's amazing
just to hear your voice
the only one
'til she walked in
all night long
back when i knew it all (N° 1)
cold one comin' on
daddy won't sell the farm
didn't i
folks like us
hell yeah
hillbilly shoes
i like those people (avec Charlie Daniels et Randy Owen)
i'll keep the kids
if you ever stop loving me (N° 1)
lonely and gone
long line of losers
lucky man (N° 1)
my town
one in every crowd
oughta be more songs about that
roll with me (N° 1)
self made man
she couldn't change me
she don't tell me to
so called life
some people change
something to be proud of (N° 1)
what do you think about that
where i come from
while you're still young
you do your thing
fade to gold
billy's got his beer goggles on
for a change
forever works for me
i was
if i was a drinkin' man
love happens like that
no doubt about it (N° 1)
now i pray for rain
party on
shotgun rider
that woman of mine
the city put the country back in me
the girls of summer
the last of a dying breed
the luckiest man in the world
the shake
then you can tell me goodbye
they're playing our song
wink (N° 1)
you gotta love that
and so it goes
bang bang bang
cadillac ranch (Live)
dance little jean (Live)
face on the cutting room floor (Live)
fishin' in the dark (Live)
grandpa was a carpenter
high horse (Live)
i've been lookin' (Live)
life's railway to heaven
little mountain church house
long hard road (Live)
lost river
lovin' on the side
make a little magic (Live)
maybe baby
mr. bojangles (Live)
roll the stone away
some dark holler
stand a little rain (Live)
when it's gone
will the circle be unbroken
workin' man
workin' man (nowhere to go) (Live)
you ain't going nowhere
you ain't going nowhere (Live)
break up with him
after a kiss
all the good ones are gone
band in the window
blue rose is
cleopatra, queen of denial
deep down
don't tell me what to do
every time
i was blown away
in between dances
it's lonely out there
let that pony run
maybe it was memphis
mi vida loca (my crazy life) (N° 1)
one of those things
pull your hat down tight
put yourself in my place
shake the sugar tree
spilled perfume
the hard way
the land of the living
the river and the highway
thunder and roses
when you walk in the room
already callin' you mine
close your eyes
after the gold rush
farther along
feels like home
i've had enough
my dear companion
telling me lies
the pain of loving you
those memories of you
to know him is to love him
all just to get to you
carry on
country star
dixie lullaby
don't break my heart again
feeling pretty good tonight
feels just like it should
footsteps of our fathers
guy like me
in it for the money
let me
missing me
virginia belle
wave on wave
way back texas
what i'm for
a thousand times a day
blame it on your heart (N° 1)
can't get anough
chains (N° 1)
high on love
how can i help you say goodbye
hurt me bad (in a real good way)
i try to think about elvis
i wanna believe
i'm that kind of girl
jealous bone
keep your distance
lonely too long (N° 1)
lovin' all night
on your way home
she drew a broken heart
strong heart
that's the kind of mood i'm in
the boys are back in town
the last thing on my mind
the trouble with the truth
to have you back again
why baby why
you can feel bad (N° 1)
you don't even know who i am
you don't seem to miss me
12 step recovery
a little in love
alberta bound
all over me
calm before the storm
chain reaction
dry eye
forever summer
give it away
i believe you
i do
i meant to do that
i still do
it's a beautiful thing
my heart has a history
on the inside
one and only one
outside the frame
pass me by (if you're only passing through)
rich man
run to me
start forever over again
take it from me
that hurts
that's the truth
that's what i love about jesus
the king
this time around
we are the one
what's come over you
ball and chain
daddy's come around (N° 1)
if i could bottle this up
kennesaw cove
me and my baby
richest man on earth
seein' my father in me
take another run
Paulette CARLSON
falling in love for a lifetime
i knew a good thing when i had it
i'll start with you
it's too bad
love goes on
love is never wrong
not with my heart you don't
someone i used to know
that old glass case
the chain just broke
where ya comin' from
why should i
a little bit more of your love
teardrop texas
the hits
you have the right to remain silent
american child
bobbi with an I
don't miss your life
everywhere i go
good ole days
i would
i'll take that as a yes
in a real love (N° 1)
just another day in paradise (N° 1)
love is alive
love is a beautiful thing (N° 2)
rose bouquet
six-pack summer
that's when i love you
the last day of my life
the woman in my life
this is god
ultimate love
words are your wheels
mile out of memphis
swingin' on my baby's chain
barbed wire and roses
can't have a hand on me
every time it rains
fallin' all the time
falling down
falling out of love with me
i drove all night
jar of clay
let's kill saturday night
living proof
mountain song
shady grove
slow train comin'
stay with us
that train don't run
the longest road
Midnight Road
five days
in your arms
days like this
didn't i
me and family
where i belong
a real fine place to start
don't say goodbye
easier said than done
just call me lonesome
labor of love
nobody wins
second chances
texas in 1880 (duo avec Pat Green)
for a boy
god made girls
a man like me
anything goes
boots on (N° 2)
goodnight kiss
how country feels
i'm all about it
in god's time
let's not let it
like a cowboy
my kind of country
power of a song
whistlin' dixie
ain't much left of lovin' you
1000 faces
Randy OWEN
braid my hair
holding everything
like i never broke her heart
better than i ought to be
buy myself a chance
in my arms instead
kiss me in the dark
one more goodbye
one more sad song
steal you away
too late for goodbye
a soldier's joy (duo avec Vince Gill)
amie (duo avec Travis Tritt)
city of new orleans (duo avec John Prine)
i wanna be loved back (duo avec Trisha Yearwood)
it's only love (duo avec Mary Chapin Carpenter)
travel on (duo avec Bruce Hornsby & Lee Roy Parnell)
wildwood flower (duo avec Emmylou Harris & Iris Dement)
a few ole country boys (duo avec George Jones)
a little left of center
a man ain't made of stone
an old pair of shoes
before you kill us all
better class of losers
deeper than the holler
dig two graves
diggin' up bones
down with the old man (up with the new)
everything and all
faith in you
forever and ever, amen
forever together (N° 1)
four walls
hard rock bottom of your heart (N° 1)
he walked on water
heroes and friends
honky tonk moon
i did my part
i told you so
i'd surrender all
if i didn't have you (N° 1)
i'll be right here loving you
is it still over
is it still over (duo avec Carrie Underwood)
it's just a matter of time
it's out of my hands
look heart, no hands (N° 1)
medley (duo avec Alan Jackson)
more life (duo avec Don Henley)no place like home
old 8X10
on the other hand
out of my bones
point of light
raise him up
rise and shine
spirit of a boy, wisdom of a man
stranger in my miror
take another swing at me
the box
the hole
this is me
three wooden crosses (N° 1)
tonight i'm playin' Possum (duo avec Joe Nichols)
too gone too long
whisper my name (N° 1)
all night to get there
bless the broken road (N° 1)
bob that head
come wake me up
easy (duo avec Natasha Bedingfield)
every day (N° 2)
fast cars and freedom (N° 1)
feels like today
here (N° 1)
here comes goodbye (N° 1)
hot in here
i melt
i'm movin' on
life is a highway
love you out loud
mayberry (N° 1)
me and my gang
my wish (N° 1)
one good love
prayin' for daylight
skin (sarabeth)
stand (N° 1)
summer nights (N° 2)
take me there (N° 1)
these days (N° 1)
this everyday love
unstoppable (N° 7)
what hurt the most (N° 1)
while you loved me
why wait (N° 1)
winner at a losing game (N° 2)
i didn't come here to talk
my kind of music
all the women i am
and still
because of you (duo avec Kelly Clarkson)
can't even get the blues
cathy's clown
close to crazy
consider me gone (N° 1)
does he love you (duo avec Linda Davis) (N° 1)
every other weekend (duo avec Skip Ewing)
every other weekend (duo avec Kenny Chesney)
fallin' out of love
for my broken heart (N° 1)
forever love
going out like that
he gets that from me
how blue
how was i to know (N° 1)
i keep on lovin' you (N° 7)
i know how he feels
i want a cowboy
i'd rather ride around with you
if i had only known
if i were a boy
if you see him, if you see her (duo avec Brooks & dunn) (N° 1)
i'll be
i'll take your heart
i'm a survivor
i'm gonna take that mountain
is there life out there (N° 1)
it don't matter
it's your call
just lookin' for him
little girl
little rock
love needs a holiday
love will find its way to you
my sister
new fool at an old game
oklahoma swing (duo avec Vince Gill)
on my own
one honest heart
one promise too late
pink guitar
pray for peace
ring on her finger, time on her hands
rumor has it
she's callin' it love
she's turning 50 today
somebody (N° 1)
somebody should leave
somebody's chelsea
state of grace
sweet music man
take it back
the bridge you burn
the fear of being alone
the greatest man i never knew
the heart is a lonely hunter (N° 1)
the heart won't lie (duo avec Vince Gill) (N° 1)
the last one to know
the night the lights went out in georgia
the only promise that remains (duo avec Justin Timberlake)
these broken hearts (duo avec Vince Gill)
they asked about you
till you love me
turn on the radio
walk on
we're so good together
what am i gonna do about you
wht do you say
what if
what if it's you
when love gets a hold of you
when you love someone like that
whoever's in new england
why haven't i heard from you
wrong night
you lie (N° 1)
you're gonna be
a far cry from him
asking for the moon
before i knew about you
border town road
more than i wanted to know
right plan, wrong man
she'll let that telephone ring
the big bad broken heart
ticket out of kansas
a tender lie
as far as i can tell
baby needs new shoes
big iron horses
dancy's dream
familiar pain
fast movin' train
feel my way to you
hold you now
hometown boy
i'd cross the line
i'll still be loving you
in this little town
just in time
long lost friend
love train
meet me on the other side
mending fences
mind over matters of the heart
no end to this road
she's still in love
that rock won't roll
the bluest eyes in texas
til i loved you
we got the love
when she cries
why does it have to be (wrong or right)
you can depend on me
you're a stronger man than i am
a thousand memories
better than it used to be
don't get me started (N° 1)
drivin' my life away
every cowboy's dream
happy as we wanna be
heart to heart
highway sunrise
i brake for brunettes
if heaven wasn't so far away
in your love
katy brought my guitar back today
kiss my country ass
love rules
love you back
more than everything
no match (for that old flame)
not in the cards
old dirt road
same ol' story
she said yes
somebody knew
that ain't my truck
that girl
the rest of forever
those hands
what livin's all about
what they're talking about
where angels live
ain't that love
heartbreaker's alibi
if heartaches had wings
i've forgotten you
what else could i do
what more do you want from me
hangin' on
Ricky Lynn GREGG
carry the cross
footprints on the moon
handle with prayer
he's alive
hey god
how do i just stop
i turn to you
measure of a man
six foot teddy bear
stay with me lord
what would he do
better in texas
bobbie ann mason
doctor time
honky tonk crowd
i only get this way with you
in my dreams
it only hurts when i laugh
just enough rope
learning as you go
life can turn on a dime
looking for the light
only lonely me
overnight success
running out of reasons to run (N° 1)
save this one for me
she can't say i didn't cry
she just left me lounge
un momento alla
walk out backwards
what i'll know then
whole town blue
careful what you wish for
if i had a cheatin' heart
to find where i belong
crying my heart out over you
enjoy the ride
father knows best
from the word love
give us a happy home
heartbreak hurricane
highway 40 blues
hold on tight (let it go)
life's too long (to live like this)
my father's son
new star shining
same ol' love
somebody's prayin'
spread a little love around
you can take it with you when you go
you don't count the cost
after the lights go out
call me crazy
call me up
don't we all have the right
from a jack to a king
i am a simple man (N° 1)
i meant every word he said
i thought i'd heard it all
if you're ever in my arms
i'll leave this world loving you
i've cried my last tear for you (N° 1)
it wouldn't kill me
just as i am
just say goodbye
keep it between the lines (N° 1)
life turned her that way
life's little ups and downs
living proof
lola's love
love without you
oh heart of mine
rockin' years (duo avec Dolly Parton) (N° 1)
some things are better left alone
somebody's gonna lose
statue of a fool
thanks a lot
the decision
then for them
wear my ring around your neck
where was i
wherever she is
who'll turn out the lights
wild man
blink of an eye
can't stop thinkin' 'bout that
connected at the heart
daddy's money (N° 1)
do i love you enough
ease my troubled mind
feel like fallin'
he left a lot to be desired
honky tonk baby
i had to be me
love is stronger than pride
seven bridges road
what do i know
(nobody's gonna) hurt my heart
cold day in tennessee
good ain't good enough
love will bring her around
once in a while
she wrote the book
she's a natural
solid ground
somewhere down the line
still burnin' for you
string of bad love
the woman in you
we'll cross that bridge
working woman
hate me tonight
Rockie LYNNE
do we still
every man's got a mountain
i can't believe it's me
that's where songs come from
about the south
angels hands
best things
cabin in the woods
chasing girls
cleaning this gun (come on in boy) (N° 1)
doin' it right
eat sleep love you repeat
farmer's daughter (N° 5)
fifteen minutes
friends with tractors
got it good
he's mine
honesty (write me a list)
if you're going through hell (N° 1)
invisibly shaken
it's america (N° 1)
just wanna rock n' roll
monkey in the middle
rockin' of the cradle
simple things
take a back road
tell a country boy
the river just knows
these are my people (N° 1)
wasted whiskey
watching you (N° 1)
when it's my time
above and beyond
after all this time
i ain't livin' long like this
i couldn't leave you if i tried
i walk the line (revisited)
i walk the line (duo avec Johnny Cash)
if looks could kill
it's such a small world (duo avec Rosanne Cash)
jewel of the south
let the picture paint itself
lovin' all night
many a long and lonesome highway
my past is present
now that we're alone
please remember me
say you love me
she's crazy for leavin'
soul searchin'
stars on the water
the ladder of love
'til i gain control again
what kind of love
when i'm free again
Ronnie DUNN
Rosanne CASH
bleed red
cost of livin'
grown damn man
i don't dance
kiss you there
let the cowboy rock
singer in a cowboy band
i don't know why you don't want me
i don't want to spoil the party
if you change your mind
runaway train
sea of heartbreak
seven year ache
tennessee flat top box
bandera highway
my blue angel
ruin this romance
look what love can do
Sam Austin
front porch news
it looks like rain
when she does it
leave the night on
take your time
anywhere but here
baby's got her blue jeans on
beer bait and ammo
cadillac style
don't go near the water
fit to be tied down
haunted heart
honky tonk america
i can't reach her anymore
i've never been anywhere
louisiana hot sauce
love of my life
me and maxine
meant to be
national working woman's holiday
one day left to live
politics religion and her
queen of my double wide trailer
real people
she don't know she's beautiful (N° 1)
tennessee girl
third rate romance
when you love someone
yard sale
your tattoo
a little bit stronger
a real fine place to start (N° 1)
as if
backseat of a greyhound bus
born to fly (N° 1)
can't stop loving you (avec Isaac Slade)
feels just like a love song
fool, i'm a woman
i could not ask for more
i keep looking
love you with all my heart
my heart can't tell you no
no place that far (N° 1)
put my heart down
saints & angels
shame about that
slow me down
some things never change
suds in the bucket (N° 1)
the crying game
you'll always be my baby
(this thing called) wantin' and havin' it all
800 pound jesus
all these years
all these years (Live)
another side
break my heart again
cafe on the corner
cafe on the corner (Live)
can you hear me now
dirt road
drive me wild
drive me wild (Live)
hard to say (Live)
i ain't goin' out that way
i don't believe in goodbye
i need a girlfriend
i'll be around
i'm in love with her
lookin' for love
lookin' for love (Live)
mission temple fireworks stand
perfect world
perfect world (Live)
playin' a love song
six days on the road
six days on the road (Live)
small talk
smokin' hot wife
some girls do (N° 1)
some girls do (Live)
step that step (Live)
thank god for you (N° 1)
thank god for you (Live)
the boys & me
the boys and me (Live)
the dirt road (Live)
the race is on (Live)
the walk
this night won't last forever
this night won't last forever (Live)
this time
this time (Live)
travelin' band
treat her right
trouble on the line
I can't take you anywhere
the coast is clear
the watch
feelin' it
i love you this big
see you tonight
the trouble with girls
walkin' the country
water tower town
are your eyes still blue
run away
say anything
a girl like that
change your mind
easy to believe
how many times
i think you're beautiful
i will be true
ordinary love
slave to the habit
sliver of the moon
tell me how
too much
Shania TWAIN
Shannon LAWSON
gonna have to fall
what if i'm right
(if you're not in it for love) i'm outta here (N° 1)
any man of mine (N° 1)
come on over
forever and for always
from this moment on (en solo)
from this moment on (duo avec Bryan White)
god bless the child
honey, i'm home (N° 1)
i ain't no quitter
i'm gonna getcha good
i'm holdin' on to love (to save my life)
it only hurts when i'm breathing
love gets me every time (N° 1)
man, i feel like a woman
no one needs to know (N° 1)
party for two (duo avec Billy Currington)
rock this country
she's not just a pretty face
that don't impress me much
the woman in me (needs the man in you)
today is your day
who's bed have your boots been under
you win my love (N° 1)
you're still the one (N° 1)
you've got a way
dream your way to me
goodbye on a bad day
just like a redneck
smokin' grass
Shawn CAMP
bound to cry
confessin' my love
fallin' never felt so good
bucket full of beautiful
come home soon
don't worry 'bout a thing
i will ... but
i'm taking the wheel
in terms of love
little good-byes
lucky 4 you (tonight i'm just me)
mine all mine
passenger seat
still holding out for you
this woman needs
(it's hard to live up to) the rock
any ole stretch of blacktop
darned if i don't (danged if i do)
ghost in this house
heaven bound (i'm ready)
i got you
if bubba can dance (i can too) (N° 1)
mama knows
next to you, next to me (N° 1)
rock my baby
somewhere in the vicinity of the heart
sunday in the south
the church on cumberland road
the moon over georgia
two dozen roses
what children believe
Sherrie AUSTIN
Sheryl CROW
drivin' into the sun
innocent man
little bird
lucky in love
never been kissed
put your heart into it
son of a preacher man
streets of heaven
callin' me when i'm lonely
look at me now
way too deep
ain't funny how it works
all she ever really wanted
and the night stood still
desperate measures
goodbye yesterday's heartache
if you think you know how to love me
looking for you
no rest for the wounded heart
she rides wild horses
when it's the right time
when the walls come down
wrong reasons
everybody's gotta grow up sometime
hand of fate
leaving october
what about you
what i did right
whatever comes first
a random act of senseless kindness
all of this and more
baby's got my number
no easy goodbye
any way the wind blows
honey i dare you
i go to pieces
midnight highway
new shade of blue
thing about (duo avec Emmylou Harris)
a man who can dance
like a rose
she's pretty
little blue sky
keep on loving you (N° 4)
ooh la la
Steve AZAR
Steve HOLY
doin' it right
i don't have to be me ('til monday)
i go crazy
i won't let you lead me
love had no right
one good reason why
the sky is falling (Patti Jo's prayer)
(waitin' on joe
you don't know a thing
you're my life
copperhead road
days aren't long enough
good ol' boy (gettin' tough)
guitar town
i ain't ever satisfied
more than i can do
nowhere road
you're still standin' there (duo avec Lucinda Williams)
baby don't go
blue moon
brand new girlfriend (N° 1)
come on rain
don't make me beg
every day should end like this
go home
good morning beautiful (N° 1)
Hauled Off And Kissed Me
help me make it through the night
i'm not breakin'
let the sun shine in
like i'm famous
love don't run
men buy the drinks (girls call the shots)
might have been
put your best dress on
radio up
the hunger
a woman loves
burnin' the roadhouse doan (duo avec Garth Brooks)
can i come over tonight
crash course in the blues
every little whisper
holes in the floor of heaven
i got dreams
i'm already taken
i'm your man
katie wants a fast one (duo avec Garth Brooks)
leave him out of this
my, how the time don't fly
snowfall on the sand
the tips of my fingers
when i could come home to you
where did i go wrong
all i want to do (N° 1)
already gone (N° 1)
baby girl
down in mississippi (up to no good)
everyday america
fly away
it happens (N° 1)
just might (make me believe)
little miss
run (duo avec Matt Nathanson)
settlin' (N° 1)
small town jericho
something more
speed of life
stand back up
stay (N° 2)
stuck like glue (N° 2)
time, time, time
want to (N° 1)
who says you can't go home (duo Jennifer Nettles et Bon Jovi) (N° 1)
crooked little heart
drinkin' in my sunday dress
not that bad
drive south
from where i stand
it doesn't matter anymore (avec Dave Edmunds)
letting go
love is blind (duo avec T. Graham Brown)
outbound plane
someday soon
still hold on
take it to the limit
chains of gold
everywhere i turn
i feel fine
midnight girl sunset town (Live)
so sad (to watch good love go bad)
angels in waiting
i cry
life happened
love won't let me
stand by your man
your love
(without you) what do i do with me
a blue guitar
already gone
between the two of them
come on honey
don't go out (duo avec T. Graham Brown)
down to my last teardrop
find out what's happenin'
hangin' in
i love you anyway
if it don't come easy
if your heart ain't busy tonight
it won't be me
it's a little too late
let the good times roll
little things
my arms stay open all night
oh what it did to me
silence is king
some kind of trouble
two sparrows in a hurricane
walking shoes
we don't have to do this
would you lay with me (in a field of stone)
you just watch me
can't get nothin' done
el camino
holler if you're with me
i got this
ordinary angels
power of a love song
ride it out
that's how you get the girl
that's where we live
the last thing i do
Taylor SWIFT
Begin Again
cold as you
fearless (N° 10)
forever & always
love story (N° 1)
mine (N° 2)
our song (N° 1)
picture to burn
safe and sound
sparks fly
teardrops on my guitar
tell me why
the story of us
tied together with a smile
tim mcgraw
we are never ever getting back together
white horse (N° 2)
you belong with me (N° 1)
you're not sorry
a little gasoline
better things to do
damn right
dirty girl
emotional girl
everytime i cry
flowers in snow
getting there
girls lie too (N° 1)
golden ring (avec Dierks Bentley)
gypsy boots
how blue (avec Reba McEntire)
i just wanna be mad
i think the world needs a drink
i wanna do it all
if i were you
in my next life
just add water
love is a rose
million ways to run
no fear
now that i found you
pain to kill
poor, poor, pitiful me
she didn't have time
the one
three mississippi
unsung hero
we're here for a good time
when boy meets girl
you're easy on the eyes (N° 1)
all your life
better dig two
don't let me be lonely
double heart
hip to my heart
if i die young (N° 1)
miss you bring gone
postcards from paris
quittin' you
walk me down the middle
you lie
after alice
all my life
end of lonely road
heart hold on
if she don't love you
never enough
nothin' less than love
the funny thing is
wish for you
you should see her now
the south
our little town
still learning how to fly
going away
it'll always be you
just emily
meanwhile back at the ranch
standin' still
tell me what you wanna do
to quote shakespeare
when i look at you
a little rain
a matter of time
behind these walls
come a little closer
for the rich man
glory and power
hello trouble
he's back and i'm blue
hold on
i still believe in you
in another lifetime
it takes a believer
life goes on
love reunited
night after night
no one else
one step forward
our baby's gone
price i pay (duo avec Emmylou Harris)
shades of blue
she don't love nobody
start all over again
story of love
summer wind
that's not the way
throw me a lifeline
till it's over
true love
twilight is gone
what about love
will this be the day
you can go home
busy being fabulous
how long
last train to clarksville
me and john and paul
my saro jane
viva las vegas
break in the storm
days go
never could
out of here tonight
pour me a vacation
san isabella
if i run
american beautiful
i miss you
merry go round
shotgun girl
born to be blue
change of heart
girls night out (Live)
grandpa (tell me 'bout the good old days)
guardian angels
have mercy (Live)
i will stand by you
john deere tractor
let me tell you about love
love can build a bridge
mama he's crazy
one hundred and two
rockin' with the rhythm of the rain
stuck in love
why not me
all this love
call me crazy
country folks (livin' loud)
holler back
how 'bout you don't
why me
all that heaven will allow
all you ever do is bring me down
all you ever do is bring me down (Live)
back in your arms again
born to be blue
come unto me
dance the night away
dance the night away (Live)
dream river
here comes my baby
here comes the rain
here comes the rain (Live)
i don't care (if you love me anymore)
i should have been true
i should know
i've got this feeling
oh what a thrill
someone should tell her
tell me why
the air that i breathe
there goes my heart
there goes my heart (Live)
things i cannot change
think of me (when you're lonely)
think of me (when you're lonely) (Live)
to be with you
true love ways
what a crying shame
what a crying shame (Live)
my songbird
the gift
timeless and true love
absence of love
ain't no short way home
baby when your heart breaks down
bad case of missing you
closer to home
did i make a difference
hard to be cool (in a minivan)
lucky moon
no matter how high (N° 1)
someplace green
write your name across my heart
as long as you're goin' my way
the party's right here
where the truth lies
a street man named desire
dream you
feed jake
fighting for you
honky tonk blues
jolly roger / pirates of the mississippi
rollin' home
speak of the devil
til i'm holding you again
too much
just some love
walkin' the country
a long time ago
after ours
eternally blue
everything to lose
i could love you (with my eyes closed)
nobody loves you when you're free
take a little love
takin' the easy way out
that's easy for me to say
two-timin' me
when love at first sight goes blind
love on our side
picture perfect
hello marylou
baby likes to rock it
better man
hey, mr president
king of nothing
move on
no place to go
that's the beat of a heart
waiting for the light to change
what we can't have
where does it hurt
26 cents
back on my feet
boy oh boy
don't i have a heart
fly (the angel song)
i wanna be that girl
jimmy's got a girlfriend
nothing but love (standing in the way)
shame on me
the yodelin' blues
then there's you
Thomas RHETT
leave the pieces (N° 1)
my oh my
band-aid on a bullet wound
the night is young
beer with jesus
die a happy man
get me some of that
it goes like this
make me wanna
something to do with my hands
are you gonna kiss me or not
everything i shouldn't be thinking about
i can' outrun you
i got you
If I Didn't Have You
let's fight
testing the water
way past my beer time
Tommy Shane STEINER
ain't that just like a dream
all i want is a life
angry all the time (N° 1)
back when (N° 1)
better than i used to be
black jacket
can't be really gone
diamond rings & old barstools
do you want fries with that
don't mention memphis
don't take the girl (N° 1)
down on the farm
drugs or jesus
everywhere (N° 1)
felt good on my lips
for a little while
give it to me strait
grown men don't cry (N° 1)
highway don't care (avec T. Swift & K. urban)
i didn't ask and she didn't say
i like it, i love it (N° 1)
i need you (duo avec Faith Hill)
indian outlaw
it doesn't get any better than this
it's a business doing pleasure with you
it's your love (duo avec Faith Hill) (N° 1)
just to see you smile (N° 1)
kids today
last dollar (fly away) (N° 1)
let it go (N° 2)
live like you were dying (N° 1)
lookin' for that girl
maybe we should just sleep on it
me and tennessee (duo avec Gwyneth Paltrow)
meanwhile back at mama's
my best friend (N° 1)
my little girl
my next thirty years (N° 1)
my old friend
nashville without you
not a moment too soon (N° 1)
nothin' to die for
one of these days
one of those nights
please remember me (N° 1)
real good man (N° 1)
red ragtop
refried dreams
right back atcha babe
senorita margarita
she never lets it go to her heart (N° 1)
she's my kind of rain
some things never change
something like that (N° 1)
southern girl
southern voice (N° 1)
that's just me
the cowboy in me (N° 1)
the great divide
the one that got away
truck yeah
unbroken (N° 1)
watch the wind blow by (N° 1)
when she wakes up (and finds me gone)
when the stars go blue
where the green grass grows (N° 1)
wouldn't want it any other way
you got the wrong man
35 mph town
a little less talk and a lot more action
a little too late
a woman's touch
american ride (N° 1)
american soldier (N° 1)
are you feelin' me
as good as i once was (N° 1)
beautiful stranger
beer for my horses (duo avec Willie Nelson) (N° 1)
beers ago
big blue note
big ol' truck
bullets in the gun
clancy's tavern
club zydeco moon
country comes to town
crash here tonight
cryin' for me (wayman's song) (N° 6)
double wide paradise
dream walkin'
drinks after work
every dog has its day
get drunk and be somebody
get got
get my drink on
getcha some
god love her (N° 1)
hard way to make an easy living
high maintenance woman
honky tonk U
hope on the rocks
how do you like me now (N° 1)
i like girls that drink beer
i love this bar (N° 1)
i need to hear a country song
i wanna talk about me (N° 1)
i won't let you down
if a man answers
if i had one
if you're tryin' you ain't
i'm just talkin' about tonight (N° 1)
just another sundown
lost you anyway
love me if you can (N° 1)
made in america
me too (N° 1)
my list (N° 1)
red solo cup
rock you baby
she never cried n front of me (N° 1)
she's a hottie
should've been a cowboy (N° 1)
shut up and hold on
somewhere else
south of you
stays in mexico
the angry american (courtesy of the red, white and blue) (N° 1)
the size i wear
tryin' to fall in love
upstairs downtown
we were in love
when love fades
whiskey girl (N° 1)
who's that man (N° 1)
who's your daddy (N° 1)
wish i didn't know now
you ain't much fun
you shouldn't kiss me like this (N° 1)
havin' a good time
i go crazy
let go
tell me where it hurts
then came the night
what if she's an angel
what we're gonna do about it
Tracy BYRD
(this ain't) no thinkin' thing (N° 1)
a bad way of saying goodbye
ain't no woman like you
ala freakin' bama
all i ask for anymore
always gonna be that way
big time
brown chicken brown cow
can i want your love
dangerous man
days like this
don't lie
dreamin' out loud
every light in the house
fightin' words
help me understand
honky tonk badonkadonk
hot mama
i came here to live
i can only love you like a man
i got my game on
i left something turned on at home
i wanna feel something
if i fall (you're goin' with me)
i'm gonna love you anyway
i'm tryin'
it was you
just fishin'
ladies love country boys (N° 1)
lonely won't leave me alone
marry for money
million dollar view
muddy water
poor folks
proud to be here
right now
rough & ready
so what if i do
songs about me
the rest of mine
the stubborn one
them lips (on mine)
then they do
there's a girl in texas
watch the world end
when i stop loving you
words get in the way
you're gonna miss this (N° 1)
a good way to get on my bad side (duo avec Mark Chesnutt)
anybody else's heart but mine
big love
cheapest motel
don't love make a diamond shine
don't take her she's all i got
drinkin' alone
good ol' fashioned love
holdin' heaven (N° 1)
how'd i wind up in jamaica
i wanna feel that way again
i'm from the country
just let me be in love
lately (dreamin' 'bout babies)
lifestyles of the not so rich and famous
love lessons
love, you ain't seen the last of me
no ordinary man
on again, off again
put your hand in mine
revenge of a middle-aged woman
take me with you when you go
ten rounds with jose cuervo (N° 1)
the first step
the keeper of the stars
the truth about men
tiny town
watermelon crawl
when mama ain't happy
alibis (N° 1)
as any fool can see
better man, better off
can't break it to my heart (N° 1)
cloud of dust
find out who your friends are (N° 1)
footprints on the moon
hard times
heaven for a while
i see it now
if i don't make it back
if the good die young (N° 1)
if the world had a front porch
if you loved me
is that a tear
it's all how you look at it
lessons learned
life don't have to be so hard
my second home (N° 1)
paint me a birmingham
roswell and marilyn monroe
runnin' behind
saving savannah
sawdust on her halo
somebody paints the wall
sticks and stones (N° 1)
tender enough
texas tornado (N° 1)
the coast is clear
the singer
til i was a daddy too
time marches on (N° 1)
todays's lonely fool
up to him
used to the pain
while you sleep
whole lotta me
you can't hide redneck
Travis TRITT

anymore (N° 1)
back up against the wall
best of intentions (N° 1)
between an old memory and me
can i trust you with my heart (N° 1)
country ain't country
country club
double trouble (duo avec Marty Stuart)
drift off to dream
foolish pride (N° 1)
for you
help me hold on (N° 1)
helping me get over you (duo avec Lari White)
here's a quarter (call someone who cares)
i see me
if i lost you
i'm gonna be somebody
it's great day to be alive
lord have mercy on the working man
love of a woman
modern day bonnie and clyde
more than you'll ever know
no more looking over my shoulder
put some drive in your country
restless kind
rough around the edges
she's going home with me
something stronger than me
sometimes she forgets
start the car
still in love with you
strong enough to be your man
take it easy
tell me i was dreaming
ten feet tall & bulletproof
the girl's gone wild
the whiskey ain't workin' (duo avec Marty Stuart)
tougher than the rest
what say you (duo avec John Melencamp)
where corn don't grow

a man without a woman
angels like her
drunker than me
henry cartwright's produce stand
just might have her radio on
one wing in the fire
that's how it still oughta be

beer man
broken in
dixie rose deluxe's honky tonk ...
home sweet holiday inn
on again tonight
so am i
the good life

a boy like you
ain't wastin' good whiskey on you
big river
every other memory
it's a heartache
just what i do
more like me
now would be the time
on a mission
on a night like this
party of one
pour me
stay in this moment
the bride

Believe me baby (I Lied) (N° 1)
devil in disguise
down on my knees
everybody knows
georgia rain
heaven, heartache and the power of love
how do i live
i don't pain myself into corners
i need you
i remember you
i wanna go too far
i would've loved you anyway
i'll still love you more
inside out
like we never had a broken heart
new kid in town
perfect love (N° 1)
powerful thing
she's in love with the boy (N° 1)
that's what i like about you
the song remembers when
the woman before me
there goes my baby
thinkin' about you (N° 1)
this is me you're talking to
trying to love you
walkaway joe
where are you now
wrong side of memphis
XXX's and OOO'x (an american girl) (N° 1)
you can sleep while i drive

good hands
summer thing
Tyler DEAN

a few short years
a love like that
a man holdin' on
hands of a working man
hat full of rain
heart half empty (duo avec Stephanie Bentley)
heather's wall
i have to surrender
i want my goodbye back
it must be love (N° 1)
journey on
living in a moment (N° 1)
love at 90 miles an hour
loved too much
mighty mighty love
no mercy
pretty good thing
she wants to be wanted again
summer was a bummer
what mattered most (N° 1)
you don't mess around with jim
american style
built for bluejeans
somebody who would die for you
taylor swift
the last thing she said
Tyler FARR
tell your sister i'm single
a guy walks into a bar
hello goodbye
hot mess
redneck crazy
whiskey in my water
my hometown
goes down easy
help somebody
nobody gonna tell me what to do
that scares me
things i miss the most
make a miracle
Victoria SHAW
Vince GILL
(a day in the life of a) single mother
bring my baby home
cry wolf
don't move
good as gone
love on down the line
lucky me, lucky you
small talks
tears dry
waikiki cowboy
where your road leads
you don't know love

a little left over
a little more love
all nighter comin'
billy paul
bread and water
cowboy up (duo avec Gretchen Wilson)
don't come crying to me
don't let our love start slippin' away (N° 1)
feels like love
foolin' around (avec Paul Franklin)
given more time
go rest high on that mountain
guitar slinger
high lonesome sound
how lonely looks
i can't tell you why
i quit
i still believe in you (N° 1)
if i didn't have you in my world
if i die
if i had my way
if there's anything i can do
if you ever have forever in mind
if you ever leave me (duo avec Barbra Streisand)
in these last few days
jenny dreamed of trains
kindly keep it country
let's make sure we kiss goodbye
lipstick everywhere
liza jane
look at us
losing your love
love never broke anyone's heart
loving youmakes me a better man
maybe tonight
my kind of woman, my kind of man (duo avec Patty Loveless)
never alone
never knew lonely
next big thing
no future in the past
nothing like a woman
oklahoma borderline
one dance with you
one more last chance (N° 1)
one more thing i wish i'd said
pocket full of gold
pretty little adriana
pretty words
real lady's man
say hello
shoot straight from your heart
south side of dixie
take your memory with you
tell me fool
the fightin' side of me (avec Paul Franklin)
the lovebug (duo avec George Jones)
the old lucky diamond motel
the reason why
the strings that tie you down
these days
threaten me with heaven
true love
tryin' to get over you (N° 1)
under these conditions
victim of life's circumstances
we could have been
what the cowgirls do
what you give away
what's a man to do
when i call your name
when love finds you
when the lady sings the blues
when will i be loved
whenever you come around
which bridge to cross (which bridge to burn)
who wouldn't fall in love with you
worlds apart
you and you alone
you better thing twice
young man's town
Walker HAYES
saturday night

don't stop
drinkin' song
every time i give the devil a ride
god made me (to love you)
good day to go crazy
goodbye is the wrong way to go
how do you sleep at night
i want to
i wouldn't know
i'm lonesome too
i'm still dancin' with you
is it already time?
it's over my head
life after lovin' you
old enough to know better (N° 1)
place to turn around
right where i want to
she knows me
she used to say that to me
the best part
the day she left tulsa (in a chevy)
this is my heart talking now
tore up from the floor up
up and down
up north (down south, back east, out west)
what i meant to say
what's a broken heart for you
what's it gonna take
when the wrong one loves you right
you just keep on
you were, you are, you'll always be
why wait for summer
learning the game (avec Mark Knopfler)
nowhere road (avec Willie Nelson)
lost in you
wish you were here
Weston BURT
lucky sometimes
falling into you
last train running
the night ain't over yet
i need my baby back
straight and narrow
there goes my love
a whiter shade of pale
always on my mind (avec Jon Bon Jovi & Richie Sambora)
heart of gold
if i can the clean shirt
mendocino county line (duo avec Lee Ann Womack)
My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys
nothing i can do about it now
old friends (duo avec Roger Miller)
seven spanish angels (duo avec Ray Charles)

(without your love ...) I'm going nowhere
always will
can't nobody love you (like i do)
come some rainy day
flies on the butter (you can't go home again)
free bird
girls with guitars
heaven help me
heaven help my heart
i saw the light (N° 1)
is it over yet
my strongest weekness
no one else on earth (N° 1)
only love
rock bottom
she is his only need (N° 1)
somebody to love you
something you can't live without
tell me why
to be loved by you
what the world needs
when love starts talkin'
When Love Starts Talkin' (Live)
all things considered
another nine minutes
as she's walking away (duo avec Alan Jackson) (N° 1)
chicken fried (N° 1)
cold hearted
colder weather
free (N° 1)
highway 20 ride (N° 1)
home grown
i play the road
jump right in
keep me in mind
let it go
no hurry
settle me down
sweet Annie
the wind
toes (N° 1)
whatever it is (N° 2)
where the boat leaves from
whiskey's gone
99 bottles
The Right Place
I'll give it to you
two hearts (one love)
whiskey kind of way
you should've seen her this morning


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